EA is afraid of you

Shady business practices are a common practice with big publishers like EA. And it's mainly to do with increasing irrelevancy and digital distribution.

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-GametimeUK-1997d ago

I don't think they have anything to be afraid of yet. Sad thing is that all of us gamers who visit news sites, keep up to date with trends and have some common sense are being held down by people who actually buy all the skins, dlc and are okay with micro transactions. All my friends (who aren't core gamers) stick to 2 or 3 games a year which involve heavy amounts of dlc. I buy way more games than I should each year. My friends don't need to purchase new games, they are happy with their content where as I want full new experiences (which is hard to get because people keep buying dlc). I have only purchased 3 dlc packs. 2 for Warhawk (which are overpriced) and Dark Souls (which is amazing).

People need to boycott dlc for a few years, we will get more value for money with games and content and the dlc will more than likely add a substantial amount to the experience for a reasonable asking price. Like I said, I can't tell people how to spend their money, but it would probably be better if people followed my example (then again who am I to say what is better or not?).

This will never happen. I honestly believe that EA (and any other developer / publisher) is capable of so much more and the consumers have started a snowball effect that will probably build momentum for years to come.

Saryk1996d ago

Very well said, people should always vote with their money!

g2gshow1996d ago

its a shame when the gamer aka the rebels start turning in to sheep

Tzuno1997d ago

It's afraid of you not buying from them .:)

MAULxx1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

EA may not be afraid of me but I don't like this road we're going down in gaming. I think maybe gamers are partly to blame buying up everything on a whim. Look at xbox 360. People deck out their little mini mii avatars buying clothes for them. It's not even a game but well, I guess people like to play dress up.

I say stop buying DLC that is crap. I wouldn't blame anyone for buying expansions like Dragonborn for Skyrim.

Also, stop buying games with online pass codes unless you don't care for the future of your hobby. Many don't.

If one would pause & think a bit about the future... how do you see the future of gaming when online pass codes have already been established this gen?

IDK, maybe the niche systems like OUYA will be where people turn to in the future to escape the mainstream systems where gaming is another monthly service bill.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1997d ago

Was waiting for these kinds of opinion pieces, now that EA has teamed up with MS for next gen.

Just didn't think it would be this fast.

Count1996d ago

If you didn't think it would be this fast, then you're plenty naive.

Triggytrolls1997d ago

I hardly bought any games last year, FIFA 13 (EA) is the only one I can really remember for my 360. I recently picked up La Noire for £5/$5 on steam, and Farcry 3.

The next console game I will be getting is GTA.

As for online passes, they don't really bother me because I like to get new games on release.

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