Actually, We Still Don’t Know Everything About PS4 And Used Games

Gamers know used gaming will be possible on PS4, but what kind of restrictions might there be, that haven't been revealed? No one knew about the online pass at the start of this generation, so could Sony or publishers introduce new headaches in the next? The hypotheticals are killing Mo Vaughn.

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alexcosborn1850d ago

Used games will only allow you to play the first 60 minutes or so. Then to unlock the full game, you'll have to pay $10.

That's my guess.

caseh1850d ago

It isn't going to happen.

Retailers are the main source of income for Sony as they shift the stock. If you prevent pre-owned sales they will basically be biting the hand that feeds them.

Theres still scope for it to happen at some point but I can't see it happening anytime soon. Most devs are happy with the fact they can rinse consumers with micro-transactions and DLC which is pretty much seen as acceptable these days.

ArmGunar1850d ago

+ Yoshida (CEO Sony WW) said it won't happen

mandf1850d ago

Give it up. Stop giving the media the power to decide for us. Gamers aren't asking for banned used games . The developers aren't talking about it or complaining about it. Only the media is.

TheGamerDood1850d ago

If the industry wants to curb used game sales then it needs to f'ing price older games accordingly and stop charging $60 for a game that's over a year old. People buy used games not because they're used but because they're cheaper. This model has worked for Steam on the PC and somewhat with Sony with PS+ but Sony needs to go a step further and price games more aggressively to match with what's being offered elsewhere.

TrendyGamers1850d ago

Am I missing the Mo Vaughn connection?

knifefight1850d ago

We can't Move On without Mo Vaughn! :O

dbjj120881850d ago

I just want them to be forthright with these details. You either support used games of you don't.

CommonSenseGamer1850d ago

Its the level of support I'm more interested in. How much, if any, will we need to pay to play a second hand game? Or a new game on multiple devices in the same household?

GribbleGrunger1850d ago

Perhaps the restrictions will be no online benefits like Share or playing through the cloud. That would be acceptable to me ... but I still think there will just be online passes.

-GametimeUK-1850d ago

Pre owned games help the industry imo. I never fancied Borderlands, I bought it super cheap pre owned and loved it. Now I have contributed an official number to the sales of Borderlands 2. I have done it with many other titles too. Sure not everyone treats games this way, but I bet plenty of people do. Consumers who buy pre owned a majority of the time are not killing the industry either. They are keeping stores open so that brand new games can still be released in the retail market.

You try and force people to buying brand new and software sales will probably go down because of stores closing, people not being able to afford it and people like me who buy many new games a year simply boycotting the industry or switching to an alternative.

Its that simple. If you buy a physical product you should be able to use it in any machine you want. It has always been that way. It would make me feel a tad sorry for the gamers of tomorrow who never get to experience taking a game round to someone elses house to play (although that is dying even today).

kma2k1850d ago

You are correct sir, not only that what you described in your first paragraph is why dead space is what it is today. According the "new" sales of dead space one the game was horible no one bought it, however thanks to used games when dead space 2 came out it sold like crazy. People didnt buy 1 new for whatever reason but picked it up used on the cheap & loved it then it went on to become a huge success! Used games also help the industry that A LOT of people sell the games they have & buy new games take away that money & there is a lot less money to spend on new games!

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