Remember Me release date set

Gematsu: "Capcom has dated Remember Me, its Dontnod-developed, Neo-Paris set adventure game, for a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC release on June 4 in North America and June 7 across Europe."

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Tykis1967d ago

This is def on my list! Hopefully this will not disappoint. But then again it is capcom >.>

Acquiescence1967d ago

this game wouldn't even be coming out in the first place. Sony was the publisher back when it was called Adrift, but for some unknown reason dropped it during development. I'm really excited for it too, and I'm glad it was given a second chance because of Capcom.

Spenok1967d ago

Yeah this game has been on my list since the announced it.

And every time they show more of it, the more pumped i am.

And regarding that last statement....

Just because Capcom is the one publishing the title, doesn't mean anything about the games quality. They have made plenty of good games this generation. Though I am not denying they have also made some turds along the way.

This game however, is made by Dontnod Entertainment. And this is their first project. Capcom only has the publishing rights.

Basically, just because one publisher/developer or another is making a game, doesn't mean you should judge the game based on their previous works.

Tykis1967d ago

Was a joke lol chill. Capcom is a easy target these days

Spenok1966d ago

OK, point taken.

I don't mean to jump down your throat. It's just something people do all to often this generation.

I just don't understand the logic of it all.


Dylila1967d ago

i cant wait for this game on the ps4. dont often play as a female lead in a game especially not very sexualized

matrixman921967d ago

this isnt going on ps4...

Freeball1967d ago

Can't wait to buy this used! LOL

Capcom doesn't get my money anymore until they change their ways.

Genuine-User1967d ago (Edited 1967d ago )

What's wrong with Dontnod. Both the earlier and current release date has been set around The Last of Us. I was going to get this game in May since TLOU was moved to June. Now they have moved thus game to June as well, just a week before TLOU. Bad move in my opinion.

1966d ago