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Watch Dogs Is Ready To Compete With GTA V

Unlike Rockstar’s next project, Watch Dogs is built for next-gen and its players will be able to interact with its world not just through the box under your TV, but through mobile, tablet and PC. (Grand Theft Auto V, Next-Gen, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Jadedz  +   759d ago
I hope it tops GTA V
Obvious reason: there's no Wii U version. By the time it launches, the Wii U should have a decent consumer install base.

I know; it's selfish of me, but we all have our own needs and wants.
TGS  +   759d ago
I hope there is a WII U version because I didnt buy for no reason
Ezio2048  +   758d ago
CapsLocke  +   758d ago
What with this WiiU obsession?
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   758d ago
Wonder if people are allowed to ask the same about the ps4. . .nah!
Realplaya  +   758d ago
What's with your attitude towards those who want it for the wiiu?
camel_toad  +   758d ago
Even though they're both open world I think it'll be like comparing apples and oranges.

From all the great stuff I've seen of Watch Dogs and what I already expect of a GTA game it seems like they'll be very different from each other.
ATi_Elite  +   758d ago
Watch Dogs Is Ready To Compete With GTA V
Sure any Game can compete with GTA but BEATING GTA or taking a Large chunk of it's market share away are TWO ENTIRELY different things.

You wanna Really compete with GTA then launch the same day or month as GTA and see how that works out!

Watch Dogs looks like a great game but GTA is a MONSTER as far as well everything!
murdock55  +   758d ago
Watch dogs is for ps4. GTA is for 360 ps3. so that means in order to play watch dogs you have to pay for console and game it self. if your smart you would just save money and get GTA so i'd say GTA would sell more due to the fact that its just pay for the CD and play.
deafdani  +   758d ago
That makes no sense at all. Regardless of which game does better, you will get Watch Dogs for Wii U, so... care to explain what I'm missing here?
Jadedz  +   758d ago
Sorry for the fanboyish comment.
charted  +   758d ago
LOL at this article.

GTA V is a established and VERY popular label and Watch Dog just came out. It will have good sales as it is in new gen consoles but to say compete with the the beast, it can not.
ab5olut10n  +   758d ago
Seriously doubtful that watch dogs world has the depth to compete with gta, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
Farsendor1  +   758d ago
imo gta4 isn't the best sandbox game. imo sleeping dogs beat gta4 and im hoping watch dogs will be just as good as sleeping dogs or better.
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FlyingFoxy  +   758d ago
San Andreas was best and most fun, so no i wouldn't say IV was that good.. the multiplayer sucked compared to SA-MP mod which is a lot more fun and more freedom.
omi25p  +   756d ago
No GTA IV is amazing. Still play it to this day. Multiplayer is great fun, especially in Ballad Of Gay Tony.
Psychotica  +   758d ago
imo sleeping dogs isn't a real sandbox game since they stop you from going to so many places. Just try getting on one of the little islands.
papashango  +   758d ago
I share the same opinion about Sleeping Dogs. Very underrated game but imo the best sandbox game to come out this gen.
Bounkass  +   758d ago
Release it then.
ape007  +   758d ago
watch dogs looks fantastic but im sorry GTA will always be on top, no game can match gta's feel, atmosphere and fun
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MYSTERIO360  +   758d ago
Watch dogs looks great and original i will be definitely picking this up day one
BitbyDeath  +   758d ago
Watch Dogs has more of an inFamous vibe than GTA IMO
deafdani  +   758d ago
I'm a big Infamous fan, and I'm not seeing the similarity at all. Only the fact that both are sandbox games, and that's it.

BitbyDeath  +   758d ago
Just cause of the power vibe, Cole with supernatural abilities and Watch Dogs with the technological ones.

GTA is simpler, drive, shoot
DigitalSmoke  +   758d ago
Don't get Crazy now, first just show off a cabable game, before we even should start to try to think about a GTA comparison.
Britainz-Fin3st  +   758d ago
GTA got old along time ago.
matrixman92  +   758d ago
They could make a game that teaches people how to cure cancer and end world hunger...gta would still outsell it. Watchdogs will do great, but nowhere close to gta
Psychotica  +   758d ago
Anyone who likes sandbox games is going to buy both anyways..
jay2  +   758d ago
Watch dog's will become a series, amazing concept and looks fun, I think it's got to fight Sleeping dogs, the best IP of the yr last yr, whatever happens with so many platforms, sales numbers will be huge.
NonApplicable  +   758d ago
Do the article writers honestly believe GTA V isn't also being built for next gen? GTA V will come out for the 360/PS3 and xbox/playstation just like Watch Dogs.
Deku-Johnny  +   758d ago
I don't think they'll compete on a straight level, GTA is GTA it's in a world of it's own. I think they'll both be very successful and most people will just get both, I know I am.
Seafort  +   758d ago
Watch Dogs won't be competing with GTA on PC any time soon.

On consoles, maybe but GTA isn't announced for PC as of yet. Ubisoft has free reign with Watch Dogs on PC so make the most of it Ubi.
cleverusername  +   758d ago
Surely the majority of open world games fans will buy both! I am!
Despair666  +   758d ago
It will if gta 5 doesnt come on pc
Zha1tan  +   758d ago
Watch dogs is more creative, more ambitious and a brand new idea.

I will buy both but I think if watch dogs delivers it will be the best of this generation.
medman  +   758d ago
I will buy both these games, and I'm sure I'll enjoy them both. But to be honest, I'm actually looking forward to Watch Dogs more. The main reason is it's a new IP for a new console generation. That is very intriguing. I love the GTA series, but we've all been there before. It's brilliant, no doubt, and I'm sure I'll be playing GTA V for a long time to come. But it's a known quantity. I'm looking forward to experiencing something I potentially haven't experienced before in games with Watch Dogs. Will it live up to the hype? Who knows. But that's part of the intrigue as well. I'm hoping for the best.
Plagasx  +   758d ago

Good luck.
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I'd rather buy Watchdogs. I already know GTA5 will end up nothing but another repetitive game like GTA4 was. Rockstar has decided to strip out all of the fun and replace it with realism. It's not good like the older GTAs back when they were actually fun. It's time like this where I'm glad the Saints Row franchise was made.
CaptainYesterday  +   758d ago
I can't wait to play both! :)
Sorraxe  +   758d ago
For me Gta have died already. Same story different characters and doing same skit all over again with better graphic each realease. Looking at Watch dogs i can experience new stuff using minority report stuff. That game is something iam looking for.
TripC50  +   758d ago
I have a feeling you will have more freeness in GTA. More sandboxy in GTA. Just my guess
gamernova  +   758d ago
All open world games exist because of GTA. They can add to what gta created but beat? Ehhhh...
MysticStrummer  +   758d ago
Unproven, though intriguing, newcomer vs proven juggernaut. To me true competition means two very similar opponents, and these games appear different enough that they aren't really competing. It's like looking at two similar but different sports and trying to pick the best athelete. Then again this is N4G, so market share and sales are more the most important things. smh
TGS  +   758d ago
Lets all just compromise and say YES
ufo8mycat  +   757d ago
To be honest, I am not that interested in GTA 5. I will still play it, but that series for me as taken a dive.

If GTA 5 is going to have pretty much the SAME gameplay as GTA4 or a mixture of GTA4 and San Andreas, but just with better graphics, I will be interested in Watch Dogs more, as it offers something more fresh in the gameplay department.
TGS  +   757d ago
That maybe true on some level of game-play, but I am pretty sure Rock Star has something up their sock.

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