Watch Dogs Is Ready To Compete With GTA V

Unlike Rockstar’s next project, Watch Dogs is built for next-gen and its players will be able to interact with its world not just through the box under your TV, but through mobile, tablet and PC.

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Jadedz1699d ago

Obvious reason: there's no Wii U version. By the time it launches, the Wii U should have a decent consumer install base.

I know; it's selfish of me, but we all have our own needs and wants.

TGS1699d ago

I hope there is a WII U version because I didnt buy for no reason

CapsLocke1698d ago

What with this WiiU obsession?

Good_Guy_Jamal1698d ago

Wonder if people are allowed to ask the same about the ps4. . .nah!

Realplaya1698d ago

What's with your attitude towards those who want it for the wiiu?

camel_toad1698d ago

Even though they're both open world I think it'll be like comparing apples and oranges.

From all the great stuff I've seen of Watch Dogs and what I already expect of a GTA game it seems like they'll be very different from each other.

ATi_Elite1698d ago

Sure any Game can compete with GTA but BEATING GTA or taking a Large chunk of it's market share away are TWO ENTIRELY different things.

You wanna Really compete with GTA then launch the same day or month as GTA and see how that works out!

Watch Dogs looks like a great game but GTA is a MONSTER as far as well everything!

murdock551698d ago

Watch dogs is for ps4. GTA is for 360 ps3. so that means in order to play watch dogs you have to pay for console and game it self. if your smart you would just save money and get GTA so i'd say GTA would sell more due to the fact that its just pay for the CD and play.

deafdani1698d ago

That makes no sense at all. Regardless of which game does better, you will get Watch Dogs for Wii U, so... care to explain what I'm missing here?

Jadedz1698d ago

Sorry for the fanboyish comment.

charted1698d ago

LOL at this article.

GTA V is a established and VERY popular label and Watch Dog just came out. It will have good sales as it is in new gen consoles but to say compete with the the beast, it can not.

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ab5olut10n1698d ago

Seriously doubtful that watch dogs world has the depth to compete with gta, but I'd love to be proven wrong.

Farsendor11698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

imo gta4 isn't the best sandbox game. imo sleeping dogs beat gta4 and im hoping watch dogs will be just as good as sleeping dogs or better.

FlyingFoxy1698d ago

San Andreas was best and most fun, so no i wouldn't say IV was that good.. the multiplayer sucked compared to SA-MP mod which is a lot more fun and more freedom.

omi25p1696d ago

No GTA IV is amazing. Still play it to this day. Multiplayer is great fun, especially in Ballad Of Gay Tony.

Psychotica1698d ago

imo sleeping dogs isn't a real sandbox game since they stop you from going to so many places. Just try getting on one of the little islands.

papashango1698d ago

I share the same opinion about Sleeping Dogs. Very underrated game but imo the best sandbox game to come out this gen.

ape0071698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

watch dogs looks fantastic but im sorry GTA will always be on top, no game can match gta's feel, atmosphere and fun

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The story is too old to be commented.