Destiny ‘Definitely Has MMO Properties’ – Bungie

NowGamer: Bungie's Destiny has been hard to define, but what's clear is that the ex-Halo studio is ready to re-invent the FPS as we know it.

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MysticStrummer1969d ago

Destiny sounds cool and I already know I want it, but honestly it sounds like an expansion on what Defiance is doing, not a re-invention of anything. Both are just combining elements of gameplay that already existed, but Defiance will be doing the "huge mainly co-op but also competitive world with many players" thing first. Destiny looks to be more technically impressive for sure, but not more innovative. I want both games though so I'm happy.

ThatXboxGuy1969d ago

Meh.Dust 514 is doing everything bungie is promising and more.

To little to late.They don't have the halo hype to hide how overrated they are this time.

Donnieboi1969d ago

Dude I love Sony and all but Dust 514 is utter trash. Sony should just cut their losses and port Planetside 2 from pc to ps4 as a free to play. I bet that would especially sell even more consoles. If u never heard of that Sony mmo fps game for pc, u need to look it up.

kevnb1969d ago

Funny how Sony makes better PC games than Microsoft.

N0S3LFESTEEM1969d ago

Planet side 2 isn't all that great either...

Fil1011969d ago

Pretty harsh buddy, Bungie is a very good studio with alot of devoted and talented people working hard on what I personally think is going to be an amazing game that is planned out over a 10 yeah period.

Walker1969d ago

Sounds bad to me, i wanna an epic sand-box shooter just like HALO series !

kevnb1969d ago

Keep telling us how awesome you are...