From 1992 To 2012: Graphic evolution of First Person Shooters

DSOGaming writes: "YouTube’s member ‘drloser333′ has created a cool video that showcases the graphical evolution of First Person Shooters from 1992 to 2012. This video shows off the original versions of the games that are featured – without any mods applied to them – rendered in actual resolutions of the period."

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TheLyonKing2119d ago

It has really evolved but in terms of genres racing or RPGs have improved more I feel.

The_KELRaTH2118d ago

I remember sticking in a 3DFX card for the 1st time (1996) - a real super wow time that transformed my gaming then ATI's R300 GPU was released in 2002 and we didn't have to put up with all those jaggies!

caseh2119d ago (Edited 2119d ago )

Wolfenstein < Doom < Quake < Half-Life < Unreal Tournament < Crysis

Isn't that about it really without digging into the 1001 other FPS games to go about.

TechnicianTed2119d ago

< Unreal Tournament < Crysis

That's nearly right, let me add one more important piece...

< Unreal Tournament < Half-Life 2 < Crysis

There, that's better.

caseh2118d ago

Lol, figured I had missed something but yeah that sounds about right:

Wolfenstein < Doom < Quake < Half-Life < Unreal Tournament < Half-Life 2 < Crysis

Revised :D

Hellsvacancy2119d ago

Quake 2, wow, Its been so long, Ive got fond memories of that game

What was the Star Wars game at the beginning? dont think ive played that one

RankFTW2118d ago

Quake 2 is one of the greatest games ever, played that game hardcore back in the day. The Star Wars game was a Doom 2 mod I believe.

mamotte2119d ago

Where did all the color go?

Walker2118d ago

Killzone 2 is the best looking FPS game i've ever played !

RankFTW2118d ago

Then you need to get yourself a PC!

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