March of the Vita – PSV Could Have Best Month Since Launch in Japan

"Right now officially begins what should be one of the PS Vita’s best sales months in Japan, dating all the way back to its launch in December of 2011. First and perhaps the biggest factor in the expected sales boost, the system is seeing a big price drop from 30,000 yen (3G enabled) and 25,000 yen (Wi-Fi only) to 20,000 yen for either hardware model." -PSLS

Tons of new software releases, combined with a slashed hardware price and new bundles will likely lead to a big sales performance.

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alexcosborn1997d ago

Nothing like a price drop to boost sales

NewMonday1996d ago

also 3 big releases:

Soul Sacrifice
Tales of Hearts R
Senran Kagura

knifefight1996d ago

And Phantasy Star Online 2.

blitz06231996d ago

Oddly enough there was no drop in NA. Hopefully that will change soon

TooTall191996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

blitz that's because the U.S. always had this price drop. The price for a Vita is now equal in both countries. New Japanese price is $217 US dollars.

FriedGoat1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Well said TooTall, And I paid even more than that for it and don't regret it one bit.
Best handheld experience yet, and its only the beginning.

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dbjj120881996d ago

Yeah if only America would get the same deal.

-GametimeUK-1996d ago

I will buy one at the next price drop.

FriedGoat1996d ago

so your not getting one until 2014? you'll have a lonely PS4.

-GametimeUK-1996d ago

Money is tight. At least I will have a PS4 :-)

knifefight1997d ago

Software + Hardware. I hope it does prove to be a recipe for success.

TrendyGamers1996d ago

Good software + good price = sales.

doctorstrange1996d ago

Now somebody just needs to tell that to SCEA and SCEE

Gamesgbkiller1996d ago

I am so hyped.
Really waiting to see these games come here too :)

gamingmaster20131996d ago

Hopefully the spike in psvita sales in march would increase developer support for the psvita, make 2k develop bioshock and capcom making a monster hunter and resi evil vita and increase the overall quality of vita games creating more sales worldwide

profgerbik1996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

If these sales do good enough there would be literally no reason they won't drop the price in other places in due time.

Yes yes I know they said they aren't but the PS Vita's price will drop eventually there is no doubt about that, as every device, console or handheld in the world has over time.

Those lucky Japanese do have a lot cooler Vita games than we do that is for sure.. -_- clearly that is helping.

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