Aliens: Colonial Marines Review – Absolutely Disgusting [Gamesta]

Daav from is sorely disappointed by Aliens: Colonial Marines. What starts of with a hint of promise quickly dissolves into a nearly unplayable, angering mess of a game.

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Sandmano2001d ago

"Absolutely Disgusting" WOW! I guess GB's apology is going to do with this guy, LOL!

Irishguy952001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

I disagree...

It's about 5/10 for me maybe 6/10.

Judging by the somewhat suck at the game. The Pulse rifle is a medium range weapon btw. It is not accurate. That's what some of the other guns are for. You are not really paying any attention to the game while playing it...which is why it is frustrating for you.

Guess what...not one facehugger got on my face in the game. They are relatively easy to notice. You however seem to burn Open eggs over closed ones first...for no reason. You are also sprinting all over the place and not playing attention - This is why you fail at it. You didn't even notice the Flamethrower has ammo. I mean..come on.

And the Motion tracker works fine as just either aren't using it or you aren't paying attention to's not hard to use.

Edit- I'm not that great at the game man. But the failings in the vid...all of them..were on your end.

Daavpuke2001d ago

Thanks for commenting, first off, I appreciate it. As the guy in the clip, I do admit that, at that point in that particular video, I'm not paying attention...anymore, because the game failed me prior in every way. Since you're so amazing at the game, it wouldn't be hard for you to see that these are the final hours of the game. Aside from that, I never got the "you just suck" cop out. Even if I did, which I'm not saying I don't, my failings should be on my end, not that of the game. The header of the review even has a picture of an alien halfway clipped into furniture, just milling around aimlessly. Here's a random mission I recorded, just for seeing the technical difficulties the game has: - There's a difference between being frustrated by a game that fails you and being frustrated by failure; one is on the player's end, the other is in the game's inner design. Aliens is not a game where that responsibility lies with the player, if so, I wouldn't blame the game for it. That would be projecting and projecting is wrong, as it is subjective; besides the argument that all reviews are opinions and so on. That's why it would be irrelevant to grade your skill level to mine or others. Only in very rare cases is it of importance to what level a game is accessible and that only when it's designed properly. For instance, Planetside 2 is a completely inaccessible game, confusing and with a terrible learning curve. However, it's properly designed and feels engaging, even if the player is only a minor contributing factor to the overall goal.

EbeneezerGoode2001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

unplayable? what a bandwagon jumping idiot. It's an average game that plays just fine. This bashing is ridiculous... just because it wasn't what was promised? How about judging it for what it IS... a perfectly enjoyable, fun, playable game.

I never felt angry during play, I didn't find it 'absolutely disgusting', in fact it was one of few games in recent months I really enjoyed playing through. Had a nice atmosphere, solid controls.

I've seen only ONE bug (AI stuck during the into the tunnels with big guns corridor part) simply killed the aliens moved into the next area and he caught up automatically. Hardly unplayable? And i'm 90% through the game will prob finish it tonight. AND I would even play through again which is not something I do often.

THIS is why i never look at previews or believe in BULLSHOTS - saves all this negative perception ruining an otherwise fine game.

ANd yes I'm aware i'm 1 of only around 20 people who actually didn't mind this game so... watch the disagrees sky rocket! I don't mind, I know people felt ripped off or disappointed but giving games THIS low a score based on disappointment rather than how the final product actually plays/stands is stupid. I've seen stuff even in the PS3 version of ACM that is done better than much higher rated games.

I stand by my 7/10.

kostchtchie_2001d ago

i enjoyed this game with my bro on co-op mode on PC, we never had any bugs or issues that few my friends had when playing through it, would say it was 6/10 and that could go up if they bring out survivor co-op mode

Anomander2001d ago

Playing the single player mode on the 360 Not a horrible game and is avg. at best. My only complaint so far is that the detection for the items on the floor are not very good. I hardly ever get things picked up on the first try which can be a pain in the A$$ when your trying to grab some ammo or health and Aliens are swarming for you.

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