Genuine trailers and next-gen ambitions: Guerrilla Games on Killzone Shadow Fall

CVG:Sony's FPS studio discusses its PS4 launch game and reveals how it informed the DualShock 4 design.

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remanutd551944d ago

I have a question why does Guerrila say Shadow Fall takes place 30 years after Killzone 3? when killzone 3 takes place in 2360 and Shadow Fall in 2381, doesnt that make 21 years not 30?

r211944d ago

Umm, where'd you get that 2381 date?

remanutd551944d ago

at the start of the Killzone Shadow Fall video

DoomeDx1944d ago

Maybe that particular scene.
Maybe in the next mission your 9 years further again.

Hell I dont know. lol

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1944d ago

The whole gameplay video they showed was probably the beginning of the game and that attack from the Helghast was probably the catalyst for a much bigger war which then sets up the story 9 years later.

akaakaaka1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

the even that happen in that level may have been the first terrorist attack in the could war.. but I bet few years will pass from that and the main campaign will be 30 years after from KZ3.

you have to check the KILLZONE FORUMS
GG have a great campaign under their hands if is done right!
you job will be to keep peace between the helghast and vektans who are in a cold war after helghast was destroyed and they are divided between a huge wall showed in the trailer, you are a shadow marshal (the most bad ass, kind of like a black opp) witch is why the tittle is shadow fall ...

they are new tech showed, cyborg's and half humans half cyborg characters in the game..

I see GG failing again to explain their campaign.. KIllzone is a very rich universe I hope GG make a 1hr video explaining how everythign start and why they had to leave earth

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Dylila1944d ago

i cant wait for killzone shadow fall because i love the killzone series. although the game is science fiction i love that its grounded in reality.

mandf1944d ago

gamer did a tech analysis if anyone wants to read it. It hasn't been posted yet.

SymphonicRain1944d ago

You know you can submit the article to N4G if you think it's worthy of reading...

mandf1944d ago

I would but the submission process is a joke. Good articles are called duplicate but blogs and opinions are allowed 30 of the same gripe in one day.

first1NFANTRY1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

Decent coverage by CVG. Before i proceed further i'd like to point out that i've always been a fan of killzone since the first on the ps2.

Although i do feel the previous Killzone games have always been missing that sense of unity/brotherhood formula which connects a player with the allies they fight with on the battlefield.

I think with the help of next gen hardware, KZ: Shadow Fall will finally be able to achieve this level of connection and emotion (thanks to improved AI, atmosphere etc) with your troops bringing forth a deep and meaningful sense of sacrifice and loss when one bites a bullet.

There's so much more that next gen has to offer in terms of immersion and i for one can't wait to explore the secrets of the KZ:SF world

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