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The industry should thank Sony

Just as a spray of lighter fluid on a dwindling flame ignites it into a raging fire, restoring it to the brilliance and brightness of the past; Sony has done that with the reveal of the PlayStation 4 for the industry – and not only are Sony fanboys excited, everyone with any form of connection the gaming industry should be as well. (Industry, PS4, Tag Invalid)

StrongMan  +   954d ago
Great read. If it wasn't for Sony I would have given up gaming. I don't like Wii and Kinect so thank you, Sony.
Dylila  +   954d ago
i thank sony for making a future proof and amazing console like always. i cant wait for ps4
sway_z  +   954d ago

I'm actually glad you're on N4G...you bring some light to the comments section :)

*Hahaha ....I get a disagree's for thinking someone is cool ???
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Army_of_Darkness  +   954d ago
Sony should thank me:-)
Because of me, my mom, girlfriend and my girlfriend's sister also bought a PS3(mainly for Netflix, but that's not the point) LOL!
A sales a sale;-)
and yes, Sony had me since the PSone and they are Still the best place to be at for my gaming experiences!(well, excluding some of the earlier multiplats on the ps3, loL!)
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TheGamerDood  +   954d ago
The dude needs to work on his writing skills a bit but I like how he thinks. Also, we need to tone down this self-praising nonsense as it serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
kingmushroom  +   954d ago
And alowing companies to bring fresh new IP, from 3rd party to first.
miyamoto  +   953d ago
I can see Sony is doing its homework all the time.

It will not let video games die.
lastofgen  +   954d ago
I'm thankful for sony as well, but regarding your comment....what about the move? It's pretty much the same thing as what the wii does.
dolkrak  +   954d ago
The difference is Sony isn't betting the farm on it. Move is just another option.

Kinect on the other hand has become the #1 thing for Xbox, and Wiimote was the center piece of the Wii.

Different beasts... Sony is mostly about core gaming, Wii and the last 3 years of Xbox were mostly about casuals.
MaxXAttaxX  +   954d ago
Move wasn't shoved down your throat in every game like the Wii. It was optional.
joeorc  +   954d ago
"I'm thankful for sony as well, but regarding your comment....what about the move? It's pretty much the same thing as what the wii does. "

No its not really, for instance the WiiMote does not contain a Magnameter, the Multi-color LED and Arm core processor that's in the Move makes it's ability with the Playstation Eye along with the PS3 to know the EXACT LOCATION IN A 3D volume OF SPACE ALONG with its internal gyroscope+ the Magnameter to offset sensor drift vs' the earths pole's. the WiiMote does not do that.

while there is a gyroscope and the camera is in the WiiMote's tip NOT IN THE SENSOR BAR THERE IS A BIG difference between how each concept works.

for example:

Wii-mote Prototype Designer Speaks Out, Shares Sketchbook

Click to viewYesterday you saw the first prototype pre-Wii motion-sensitive controller that Gyration pitched to Nintendo in 2001.

http://gizmodo.com/295276/w... http://gizmodo.com/295276/w...

while in siggraph 2000 Sony's very own DR. marks was showing concept and Prototype PS2 hardware on Home motion control gaming with the EYETOY can be done

The Medieval Chamber by Richard Marks uses real-time video processing used to track multiple stick-like objects that can be held by the viewer. By moving these objects, the viewer can move a sword, ball-and-chain, and torch that are real-time rendered in a medieval chamber with shadows and transparency on Playstation2 hardware.

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Thanks for sticking with hardcore gamers sony!!

Did someone just say future proof non upgradable console in here??

I am not a big apples fan..

Edit: I meant to say not a big MS fan. Hard to tell the difference sometimes.
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-GametimeUK-  +   954d ago
I like the Wii, 360, Mobile and PC games. I thank all of them for what they have contributed to my hobby of choice.

At heart I am a Sony fan and have the greatest of thanks for me over the past 3 generations and hopefully more heading in to the 4th. They are simply brilliant.
fermcr  +   954d ago
LOL... these articles... i don't even read them any more.

Fanboys write articles praising Sony, then anti-fanboys write articles bashing Sony. Fanboys respond with more articles praising Sony, then anti-fanboys respond with more articles bashing Sony ... and goes on and on ...
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TheTwelve  +   954d ago
Even Nintendo and Microsoft thank Sony for what Sony has done. They just want a piece of the pie.

Count  +   954d ago
Yeah, the PC doesn't exist.
TheLyonKing  +   954d ago
INdustry should thank many players, Sony has kept true to its image where is has been seen as the cool console to have, I was told the clubs back in the 90's (in the U.K) had playstaion corners.

They really tried to make gaming for more than just the "isolated teen*

There are many other thingd too but Sony has done a lot but that doesnt mean to say they are the only ones.
GalacticEmpire  +   954d ago
Re-light my fire, your love is my only desire...

Gimmemorebubblez  +   954d ago
Everyone has contributed to this amazing industry.
Sony made gaming "cool" and made it mainstream.
Nintendo revolutionsed the way we play games.
MS changed the way we play online together.
They all whether you like them or not have helped to create new and great experiences and will continue to do so.
Jadedz  +   954d ago
For the level headed, non-bias, comment.
No FanS Land  +   954d ago
I would add that the dreamcast started it all for online gaming, then MS took the flag, along with Peter Moore and perfected the concept.
ThatXboxGuy  +   954d ago
"MS changed the way we play online together"
No.Valve did that with steam.

MS just charged us for it.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   954d ago
Hahahaha you are right!
MaxXAttaxX  +   954d ago
When you say Nintendo changed the way we play games... Are you talking about the Wii motion controls?
Boody-Bandit  +   954d ago
MS hasn't changed the way we play online together. They simply advanced what started in PC gaming and brought it to consoles. I use to be a mainstream PC gamer and their online integration (Kali / Gamespy) was ahead of it's time. You could find your friends and clan mates in a millisecond and jump on to the server they were on within minutes. You could also message them well before voice communication was an option while your were at the desktop and they were in game.

When MS started XBL that is when I switched to console gaming mainstream. Most of my friends that were PC gamers migrated to console gaming as well but mostly because it's more cost effective. So MS, in my opinion, brought a fair amount of once PC gamers to console gaming.
nosferatuzodd  +   954d ago
MS hasn't changed the way we play online together. They simply advanced what started in PC gaming and brought it to consoles.

Indeed Bubble 4you well said
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Gimmemorebubblez  +   954d ago
I agree but they did improve consoles general online experience tremendously.
lovegames718  +   954d ago
Yes everyone has had a hand in moving the industry forward, but some have also had a hand in moving it backwards and diluting it.

Either way i do thank Sony because they brought alot of new social innovation to the table, as well as an all around good console which is def. step up from what we have now. It has me anxious to get a new system and try it out and spend my money on new gaming experiences. Experiences that i feel wont be crappy gimmicks or not work half of the time.
sway_z  +   954d ago
Yes Sony are a bunch of suits just like Microsoft..the one stand out difference is Sony actually care about games as a medium...Microsoft are the equivalent of the 'International Bankers' of Video games...

...and we all know what they did for the worlds economy!
GribbleGrunger  +   954d ago
I completely agree. I really hope that there are many devs out there that appreciate the fact that Sony are trying to keep this industry afloat rather than selling out to the 'fashionable' market, as so many Hollywood film studios have in recent years. The casual market isn't to be denied but it's a fickle market full of 'here today gone tomorrow' consumers. Put all your eggs in that particular basket and this industry could die overnight.

Sony needs to cement relations with the hardcore market while adjusting with the trends of the casuals. If they can do that then all will be well. Communication and sharing are NOT demographic specific, so it follows that these two elements are key to that success.
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MasterD919  +   954d ago
Isn't it a little too soon to go ahead and release the confetti?
Gamesgbkiller  +   954d ago
Thank you Sony.
BlaqMagiq24  +   954d ago
Thanks Sony!
vega275  +   954d ago
Hahaha thank sony for what exactly. Gaming has been going on long before sony entered and will continue long after they are gone. Same for MS and ninty
kma2k  +   954d ago
I will save my thanks for after E3 with launch price, date, & titles officially confirmed!
rulakir  +   954d ago
I have been a SONY gamer since the release of Playstaion 1 and will always be a SONY Playstation fan. However, I will not limit myself to just a SONY console, but Playstation is, and has been my console of choice.
nosferatuzodd  +   954d ago
Well Nintendo did great work has well and a lot of Nintendo innovation was stolen by Microsoft and Sony, so you can never disrespect the father of gaming like that but i agree with the author Sony did outstanding work this time around very good Sony..
thebudgetgamer  +   954d ago
The father of gaming is not Nintendo. Ralph Baer is the father of gaming. They also used things that were around before they did it, the analog stick for example.
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cedaridge  +   954d ago
Now I welcome the PS4 and all, but to Thank them? I think not I thank each platform with my wallet.
BabyTownFrolics  +   954d ago
this is some sycophantic shit right here. I love gaming but come on now.
Bumpmapping  +   954d ago
Sony=Gods gift 2 gaming Playstation 4 Life.
clintagious650  +   954d ago
Its hard for ANYONE in the GAMING INDUSTRY to dislike sony. They are the only company that is NOT AFRAID of putting millions into a new ip KNOWING it could be a bust or a success & that is honestly the reason I love about sony. Their 1st party studios are the best in the business & I feel bad for those who havent own a playstation platform in their life especially if u are a GAMER because I can GUARANTEE u that your MISSING OUT on games youll never find on other platforms & sony's track record with having the most diverse library of games is consistent from the original playstation to the ps2 & now the ps3 & they still continue to dish out new IP's even though they announced a new console & will continue to support the ps3 until its near the 10 year cycle. This is why i cant wait to buy the ps4.
thebudgetgamer  +   954d ago
I have really enjoyed my years of gaming on a Sony platform, but if it wasn't for Nintendo there would be no industry.
doublejj  +   954d ago
i would like to thank Sony for bringing me as a gamer high quality grade A titles like crash bandicoot, spyro the dragon, final fantasy, and some of the great games of the past. I would also like to thank Sony for the present and having games like the Uncharted series and keeping the NFS series going along with super titles we have today. I finally would like to thank Sony for a look into the future and giving us a glimpse of hope that games are still apart of our blood and i look forward to being there when Sony releases the PS4 and Sony is forever in my preference of game choice and i cant wait to get my hands on the future.
dj3boud  +   953d ago
My faith in gaming is due to Sony.. thank you

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