EA plans a future of microtransactions in $70 games

The controversial addition of microtransactions to Dead Space 3 apparently wasn't controversial enough, according to Electronic Arts. By way of CFO Blake Jorgensen, we've learned customers have "embraced" the idea of paying piecemeal for content they already paid $60 to access -- and EA's going to do it across its library.

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Hellsvacancy2000d ago

I wont be buying BF4 then, screw EA, im not an idiot

Some other developer at some point in the future will create a better game for me to move to, that wont have this microtransaction bs

Kanzes2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

$70 games + microtransactions + bunch of day 1 DLCs (happened on DS3) + future DLCs/Premium.. and after all of that, you still put an Online Pass too! seriously EA?

baraka0072000d ago

hold up you didn't pre-order for that exclusive gun camo!

BattleAxe2000d ago

Its too bad that EA is going this route. I skipped BF3 because I didn't like the beta on the PS3 or the PC, and I was a bit burnt out with military shooters at the time. I was interested in possibly getting BF4 up until I read this article.

Surely people can't be stupid enough to support games with microtransactions, except if the game is free to play. There will be the average consumers however that don't read gaming news, who will get suckered in at least once.

g2gshow2000d ago Show
Detoxx2000d ago

Dude, BF3 also has micro-transactions (You can buy dog tags). It doesn't fkin matter you don't have to buy them!

zerocrossing2000d ago

Most devs back micro transactions, DLC and online passes solely for the profit they generate, they pose only an added cost to the consumers, and none of them offer any real benefit to gamers either, unless you count purchasing what was once free unlocks and free services...

I like the idea of "DLC" but it's just being abused now and I won't be any part of it.

animegamingnerd2000d ago

DLC alone makes me want to say screw the 720, PS4, wii u, and PC and just go retro

Tetsujin2000d ago

I miss the days when games were 100% complete before release date; now if we're lucky they're 75% with pre-cut content. So far Namco is one company I respect because they provided DLC characters for free and some stages; the music however had a cost (Which you can find for free online). Capcom however had to charge for EVERYTHING including extra characters that was on some special edition that not many people even used.

majiebeast2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Last EA games i bought were BF3 and Swtor, cant say i miss EA games and their anti consumer practices.

Wizziokid2000d ago

It really depends on the microtransactions themselves. If they have a system like GW2 which is short-term boosts and cosmetic items then sure that's fine because I don't need to buy them.

However if it's items such as weapons and other game changing purchases then they can go to hell.

sjaakiejj2000d ago

It's the same system as in Mass Effect 3 - Microtransactions are an option, but not the only way to get the items.

ApolloTheBoss2000d ago

Nope. Not buying ANY EA games next gen.

Omar912000d ago

They already destroyed dead space for me and BF3 was bad imo so all I would consider buying is bad company 3 and thats a MAYBE with all these rumors now.

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The story is too old to be commented.