Hottest Girls Of Games

If your one of the illusive 'girl gamers' you probably don't have a favorite 'sexy' girl in a video game. Us guys, well we sure have a few favorites now don't we? Follow me down a list of 10 girls who we consider the absolute hottest girls of games.

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RTheRebel1995d ago

Do you know what a succubus does?

wheresmymonkey1995d ago

Yes, I can think of much worse ways to die.

rezzah1995d ago

Lol I know.

They should show "her" other side.

Thing is if you're bi then there is no issues.

JasonXS121995d ago

Why Cortana? Is it because she's a naked projection?

gear1995d ago

i vote for Morrigan Aensland

Revolver_X_1995d ago

A poor list, but Lara Croft out of those. Seriously, Chun-Li, but no Tammy? Cortana, really?

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