Metal Gear Rising takes top spot in Japanese sales charts

It seems Metal Gear Rising has had a successful launch in its country of origin.

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Nyxus1994d ago

The game was also on the second spot in the UK, by the way.

miyamoto1994d ago

So this is why Kojima said Ground Zeroes might not sell well but Rizing does. Can't wait to play this game. The demo was very fun. Cut,cut,cut!

Xklaw1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

It was second to crysis 3 in the UK with a difference of about 5000 units, without having a PC version like crysis have. So it´s selling very well, despite the though competition.

Xklaw1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Now we just have to wait and see how it did worldwide.

R_aVe_N1994d ago

Not a big suprise there really It is japan and has Metal Gear in the title.

ShaunCameron1993d ago

And it's a PS3 exclusive over there.

Baka-akaB1994d ago

Pretty as expected and deserved . This shall rinse easily the taste of DmC

MacDonagh1994d ago

Can you believe that Raiden is now cooler than Dante?

Who would've seen that coming!?

Baka-akaB1994d ago

Truly a DO's & DON'Ts for character makeover in both cases

oriononer1994d ago

The game is a masterpiece with some easily fixable flaws. The more you play, the better it gets. Halfway through Very Hard and loving every minute. There is some really great design and enemies that are really out to get you. It's so fun.

largerock1994d ago (Edited 1994d ago )

Guess it's "Rising".

Nah but seriously it deserves it's place being at the top. Such a good game...

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