These are the games coming to the Wii U eShop

NE: ''The Wii U eShop already offers a number of strong indie games including Nano Assault Neo, Mighty Switch Force! HD, and Trine 2: Director’s Cut. This is just the start of support for the digital store. Other titles such as Toki Tori 2, Mutant Mudds Deluxe, Cloudberry Kingdom, and Pokemon Scramble U are on the way.

Well over 20 projects are in store for the Wii U eShop. ''

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Link0792001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

Best digital platform out there eshop is basically equal to STEAM these 2 services own all.

That list is amazing wow the eshop will have around 40 games by year end not including retail download,all good games as well.

nintendoland2001d ago

eshop is nothing compared to steam

Highlife2000d ago

the e shop is a joke compared to all other e stores. And m8 the nintendo is geared towards kids. There is arguing that fact. Guess what it is ok to say these things. I am an owner of a wiiu.

Zichu2001d ago

It sucks in the UK. Games are £10 to £15 more than physical copies. You can't view or download content on the store that is rated 18 until after like 11pm.

I'm only buying retro games digitally. They will be cheap. Everything else will be bought from a store, either ShopTo,, Amazon, or SimplyGames.

ps3_pwns2001d ago ShowReplies(2)
CaptainN2001d ago

Indy developers know that the Wii-U Shop is the place to be when it comes to home consoles, they are all starting to jump on board due to how easy Nintendo is making things for them. Nintendo may not have a lot of games currently at retail, but they are stacking E-shop games in the pipeline, and I think this is a good tactic. What they need to do is keep these indy games exclusive to their home console,(excluding IOS,Steam) so that you can only play them on a Nintendo console.

Highlife2001d ago

That would be good for nintedo but bad for the indie devs. They can make way more money if they go multiplat. Nintedo install base is small. And frankly the lack of games on the system is not helping. These games are not system sellers. They are just nice to have if you alreay own the system. My kids got this system for xmas and the lack of games is very noticeable. They don't even play it that much.

Link0792001d ago

It's not really aimed at kids m8,what and has big old u got a playstation ? get a life,it's a new console with a ton of games to play already around 45 games so stop trolling,the Nextgen games are coming soon.

There some interesting rumours for all 3 Nextgen consoles.

PopRocks3592001d ago

Wow, Nintendo actually took my idea. Bastards! You owe me for that one! *shakes fist*

I kid. In all seriousness it's great they're filling the drought pipeline with digital content. This is a great way to hold Wii U owners over until bigger physical releases come out.