Diehard GameFAN: Crysis 3 Review

DHGF: Crysis 3 starts off a few months after Crysis 2 ends. The Ceph have been stopped, and the world believes them to be either dead or no longer a threat. The mega corporation Cell has jumped into the power vacuum caused by the Ceph attack to take over the world through it’s monopoly on power generation. And your character, Prophet, have been betrayed and are being held prisoner by Cell. But when it seems all hope is lost, the last remaining member of your squad from Crysis 1, Psycho, busts you out and hopes to use your abilities to free mankind from the yoke of its oppressors. While you’ve been a prisoner you’ve had visions. The Ceph aren’t finished. In fact they are more dangerous than ever. Yet nobody will believe you. Oh well, might as well blindly kill as many Cell operatives as possible until it all sorts itself out.

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it starts 20+ years after crysis 3....smh.