AMD TressFX Explained: An Important Stepping Stone In Soft Body Dynamics

GamersNexus: "It's easy to dismiss TressFX as somehow "lesser" than other visual effects and downplay its significance, but it's a very important stepping stone in the computing world's forward progression in gaming. The ability to compute and track thousands of strands of hair without consuming all of the card's resources has strong implications for the likes of environmental graphics and other soft-body elements. Cloth movement and collision could also be revolutionized by tech built out of TressFX -- something we've been dying to see in games that involve quick movements and highly-active characters (see: Mirror's Edge). Dynamic grass in MMOs, for instance, is another such item that has been widely requested in the wake of TressFX."

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SignifiedSix911966d ago

Sounds like Nvidia is going to have some competition to go against PhysX.

Let the battle begin!

Farsendor11966d ago

nah cool thing about amd is that they share their tech. amd made this a direct x 11 feature

porkChop1966d ago

Yeah I was glad when I read that TressFX will work on ANY GPU that can use DirectCompute. Very smart, that's the best way to get developers to use it. No one wants to spend the time and resources supporting features that alienate half their fanbase, that's why hardly any games support PhysX.

ninjahunter1966d ago

Is it just me or does half life 3 require this for Alyx? :D

adorie1966d ago

probably just you, since the only thing we've seen from HL3/EP3 is the 3.

FlyingFoxy1966d ago (Edited 1966d ago )

it's hard enough to keep games above 60fps @ 1080p on high end graphics cards, let's hope this new tech takes very little hit on frame rate otherwise it won't be worth using.

I'm also guessing Havok will be upgraded similarly in Source engine 2, but maybe not to the point i'd hoped with dynamic water and fire effects etc..

isarai1966d ago

When can i see this in action/video!!

dirthurts1966d ago

Friday, if I'm not mistaken.

RememberThe3571966d ago

Great article and thank god someone is figuring this out finally. Crappy hair and been the blight of gamers everywhere!


But really, just in these first images of the tech you can see how much better it looks. Better looking graphics are going to come just from better hardware but also better techniques. This is clearly a step in the right direction.

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The story is too old to be commented.