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Submitted by MaideninBlack 1073d ago | rumor

Rumor: Final Fantasy X HD Due Out In June, Graphics On Par With FFXIII

Final Fantasy X HD may be out soon according to unconfirmed reports. (Final Fantasy X, PS Vita, PS3)

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fluffydelusions  +   1073d ago
On par graphics wise with XIII? Highly doubtful. That would require a massive undertaking and we all know how SE is these days.
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Blacktric  +   1073d ago | Funny
"Graphics On Par With FFXIII"

Sorry. I just had to.
blitz0623  +   1073d ago
"Out in June"
"Graphics on Par With FFXIII"

stragomccloud  +   1073d ago
Thank you for that.
RmanX1000  +   1073d ago
Even the haters should admit that even though its the best in the series... like most Square Enix games, FF13 at least looks GORGEOUS.
TheLyonKing  +   1073d ago
Brilliant thing about FF games is there is no best in the series and it boils down to nostagia and personal experience and connection to each story.

E.G my personal favorite is 8 but that doesnt mean to say anyone elses thoughts for their fav ff is wrong.

On topic: it wont be as good looking but clearly will be a step up: Blitzball in HD = count me in can't wait to get ROPP in the dome again
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RmanX1000  +   1073d ago
I feel dumb... i meant to put "even though it MAY NOT BE the best in the series..." (my personal favorite was 9)
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FarEastOrient  +   1073d ago
Someone start tallying the count.

I'm a fan of FF VI and FF Tactics.
ILive  +   1073d ago
FF13 is one of the best, if not the best looking game this gen on consoles. Absolutely incredible. Shame that it did not win any awards for the graphics category in 2010.
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Tapani  +   1073d ago
The best FF for adults: FFVI, VII, IX, XII. Of course the best of them all is Final Fantasy Tactics.

Playing FFT, Vagrant Story and FFXII in that order gave me a big Yasumi Matsuno orgasm of adult storytelling through interesting political plot filled with paganism, animism and all sorts of philosophies on top of romance that didn't hold your hand and give you the "happy ending".

However, if one wants deep plots one should play Xeno-games. Ohhh but don't start me with those :D

FFX had it's own magic, and I think I will respect Sagaguchi (although he probably doesn't get the money) by buying this. Especially if it has more bonus stuff than ever before, I don't care about the graphics, I just want some meaningful side quests etc!
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Donnieboi  +   1073d ago
Persona is better
Tetsujin  +   1073d ago
I prefer 6 and 8, not 10.
gear  +   1072d ago
what is more gorgeous is it coming on vita,so i hope the cut scenes will be HD
Snookies12  +   1073d ago
Lol, plus didn't we already see the character models in that Japanese Vita conference? They look HD and much better than the SD versions, but come on... They don't look PS3 quality or anything. This is obviously fake.
oberon  +   1073d ago
The day they remake FF6.... that will be an awesome day. Never cared much for ff ten... too cheesy, thanks to Tidus.
maddfoxx  +   1073d ago
I agree. In order for X to look like XIII, they would have to re-due the entire game (a true remake). They already claimed it would take 10+ years to remake FF VII. . . Can you imagine how long it would take them to remake X?
NeXXXuS  +   1073d ago
it would only take them 10 years because they've become lazy.
bluedragonffx2  +   1072d ago
100% agree. Even if what the guy said were true, there is no guarantee that it will look the and play the same as what he saw at the event. Let's not forget this is "Square Enix" we are talking about here. They have the "potential" to blow things up and show things that they "wish" they could make it in the final product. I've lost my trust in what SE says after what the Versus incident.
Wizziokid  +   1073d ago
I can't wait to play this again, was hands down one of my personal favorites
xneoarcx  +   1073d ago
That's possible but it will consume most of the time from other teams just make it I mean they will going to finish Final Fantasy 14 online and Lighting Returns:Final Fantasy 13 this year so which team are doing it that's the question plus kingdom hearts coming too.
Sharius  +   1073d ago
but....but...but....but how about the versus?
xneoarcx  +   1073d ago
Well that's why I asked
Hozi  +   1073d ago
You think Square Enix deliberately delayed VERSUS, because they knew the PS4 would be out this year and wanted to port it to the PS4?
Karooo  +   1073d ago
This is just not possible. I don't think these guys know how FFXIII looked like on the PS3.
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Coltrane_C  +   1073d ago
I smell BS...a lot of BS
despair  +   1073d ago
Pure nonsense, unless the spend an exorbatant amount of time and money to rebuild the game from scratch it won't be that good, not even close.
BlaqMagiq24  +   1073d ago
I pray it does come out in June. As for being on par with FFXIII graphics that's highly doubtful if it's just a remaster.

The rumor also stated that X-2 might be getting the HD treatment as well. Might as well do both and put them in a collection.
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bakagaijin78  +   1073d ago
I too hope it comes out as soon as June. As for X-2 getting an HD version I'd actually love that. I may be one of the few that enjoyed that game. Yes, it was quite J-pop and sappy, but something about the dressphere system was really addictive for me.
Snookies12  +   1073d ago
Sappy and J-pop don't bother me... It was the HORRIBLE dialogue that game had that killed it. I still played it through and beat it, the game had a wonderful combat system and job-class (sort-of) system with the dress spheres, but it was really hard to take it seriously when they use a word like "disasteriffic"... Makes me cringe just typing it up.
EverydayGuy  +   1072d ago
Did you go down the dungeon to floor 200(I think) to beat this old guy for an item? Those things boost up my stats soo much for the start new game plus.
SandWitch  +   1073d ago
Does he mean June 2014?
KrimsonKody  +   1073d ago
June 2015,
Just before another single "photo" of Versus is released.
r21  +   1073d ago
On par with FF13? I'll believe it when i see it.
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josephayal  +   1073d ago
I'm waiting for the Wii U version with gamepad features
DragonKnight  +   1073d ago
Is trolling your life?
BlaqMagiq24  +   1073d ago
Cpt Jack House  +   1073d ago
Didn't we already see what a lot of the models look like? not bad, but certainly not at that level.
slaton24  +   1073d ago
maybe they are talking about the background cause yeah the character models just looked HD after all the game was announced sept of 2011
LAWSON72  +   1073d ago
They already leaked ps vita vid of ffx and it looked like hd ffx. Nothing special.
iMaim  +   1073d ago
Don't believe Ondore's lies!
ps3_pwns  +   1073d ago
on par with ff 13 x360 version maybe lol. It cant touch the ps3 version graphics though.
cr33ping_death  +   1073d ago
Ok maybe june but not on par graphics wise with ffxiii... But the again its squeenix squenix so not holding my breath
blackstrr411  +   1073d ago
No xbox? Shit mehn. I loved ff10 ps2 days
Lifebanisher  +   1073d ago
How about ff-VII-2 graphics on par with the next gen final fantasy 15 and for the ps4 lol
arbitor365  +   1073d ago
i cant beleive its been this long and we are still having to speculate about this game's graphics and its release date

square enix is the most incompetent, out of touch studio on the planet. its like they have disdain for their fans
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1073d ago
The graphics should be on par with it considering it's just as linear.
DragonKnight  +   1073d ago
Again, pay close attention to what Donte is doing in your profile pic.
Welcome2Die  +   1073d ago
You should really change your name to My_Name_BTW_Is_Donte
Adnan_rules  +   1073d ago
Best game ever! with better graphics, regardless how better they are this game will still be the best some of the greatest visuals on the PS2
USEYOURFIST  +   1073d ago
Erm No!!, is just a regular HDified version not on par with 13 at all graphically
LightSamus  +   1073d ago
As much as I'd love it to be true, I really doubt it. Tidied up, sure, but reworking the entire game would take a lot of work.

Would I be over the moon? Yes. WILL I be over the moon? Probably not.
Tdmd  +   1073d ago
I don't think it is true, BUT, should they pull it off, it could be Square's redeeming move this generation. This and ARR.
Hicken  +   1073d ago
The game will probably be out this year. It WON'T be as good looking as XIII, though. I'm hoping it's a cross buy, so I don't have to buy a copy for Vita and PS3 separately.
porkChop  +   1073d ago
"Graphics On Par With FFXIII"

Umm... did they not see the screenshots of the game? It looks like shit when compared to FFXIII. No matter how much you clean up the textures, and even if you add some fancy lighting, you can't remaster a PS2 game to like FFXIII. It's just not possible.
CrescentFang  +   1073d ago
I found FFXIII okay and the graphics were nice, but I didn't find it to my liking though. Something irked me about it's style and textures and whatnot.
aDDicteD  +   1073d ago
on par with ff13 graphics?? that's highly doubtful besides there were early screenshots of ffx hd on ps vita that we all saw already and it's not an ff13 graphics, for sure the console release would be on that level as well.
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ShinFuYux  +   1073d ago
How? The fact that the game has to be ported into that the FF13 engine to even look remotely like FF13. It's already been shown what the game is going to look like, which is just another HD game like every other PS3 game has gotten the HD make over.

Besides, June release is a very rare release date for games to come out. They usually go with March, April, May, August or September releases.
erindeborba  +   1073d ago
Doubtful, but possible. Square Enix seems to be trying to redeem itself and show that it's still a great company. With the third expanision of FF13 : Lightning Returns coming out this year, and the re-release of FF14, maybe FFX will have the same great graphics that the newer stories of the Final Fantasy Series has.
Kaiou  +   1073d ago
won't be graphically better than playing the game using PCSX2 no matter what , they just want to rise their stock prices by trying to spread positive news as always , this is square enix after all. a simple 480 to 544 resolution won't be enough for me to justify a purchase , we want better models, textures ,spell effects , shadows , lightning , animation and more content along with a dual voice option that's if they wanna try to change their horrible , greedy reputation.
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