God of War HD Available Free for European PlayStation Plus Members, Right Now!

GodisaGeek: "Sony just can’t stop giving games away to their PlayStation Plus members, and the latest game to join the massive stable is the original God of War, but the HD version."

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ArmGunar1908d ago

Thanks, I am gonna DL it :P

Snookies121907d ago

I'm THIS close to saying screw my NA account, and moving to an EU+ one...

GribbleGrunger1908d ago

I'm really glad this was put up. I just couldn't find it on my PS3.

Fyflin1908d ago

Me too, looked all over the store and couldn't find it as part of the PS+ promotion, it's available on the website though strangely enough. Downloading now :D

CyberGrim1908d ago

Cool, I'll grab it when I get home. Don't need much excuse to play some God of War but a free game is good enough :P

Energy-HL1908d ago


Too many games, so little time :L

tigertron1908d ago

Thanks to PS Plus I have a backlog of games. About 28 in total. :D

Buzz7S1908d ago

Renew Xbox LIVE or PSN Plus..... screw it, at least PSN Plus gives me over $600 worth of games for a fraction of the price.

Wish the entire collection was available, but beggars can't be choosers.

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The story is too old to be commented.