Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate – Demo Impressions

Ready to embark on a gruelling epic adventure? Chris Hyde gives us his thoughts as he takes on the demo version of Monster Hunter 3U.

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Coltrane_C1914d ago

I can't not play with that Gamepad...I will have to get a pro controller

PFFT1914d ago

You should try out the Wii Classic Controller. It works great with this game.

ShadowKingx1914d ago

Yeah, i like the way they integrated MH with the gamepad but after a little bit my hands starts to hurt because its just to big to hold for long amounts of time while playing. I will also be getting the pro controller. But as far as the demo, its looks great, more weapons, more monsters, a few more areas, more armors, Cannot wait till launch.

MeetMyHand1914d ago

I imagine using the pro controller would be most ideal for this. Also I tried the demo for the 3ds version... I fought the camera more then I did the monster.

PopRocks3591914d ago

A Circle Pad Pro can help with that.

Jadedz1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Makes everything less cumbersome. At least there's options, and the Wii U gamepad is not forced upon us.

C-Thunder1914d ago

They should have mapped L and R to the triggers. The way it is now feels awkward to press R then follow with a button press.

I'll be using the pro controller, still getting used to the right stick and buttons being switched but I really like the feel of the controller overall.

Jadedz1914d ago

AIso, I hate the fact that I can't swivel the camera view around with the triggers. There's a patch to alleviate that issue, though it's only for the Japanese version (hopefully it'll be patched in, day 1 for the NA version).

rytlok1914d ago

i have no problems with the gamepad