Tomb Raider - The First Fifteen Minutes [HD]

Check out first few minutes from upcoming Tomb Raider game.

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SAE1845d ago

Just few more minutes and my copy will arrive :D ..

SAE1845d ago

Only trophy install hehehe

Sandmano1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

Please update us via every Tomb raider Article since your bubbles will finish soon. I mean update us on everything like when you die and the snacks your eating etc. Thanks! =D

SAE1845d ago

Sure. I'm taking a pray break and then i will exit to the main menu and try the multiplayer then i will take another break to eat then i will restart the game because my friend will come and then we will be happy for the rest of our life because we are playing tomb raider early lol
Seriously , Some people may want to know that there is no install. No harm done here lol..

nevin11845d ago

All I saw was Quick Time Events and Uncharted type moments.

And the character/voice actor seems annoying.

caseh1845d ago

It looks pretty cool, not sure if I would pay full retail for it but check out the video review at Gametrailers. Highlights some of the good and some of the bad but gives it a very respectable 8.5/10.

What I took from it, incredibly violent for a Tomb Raider game lol.