UK retailers name not-so-mini Wii Mini price

Following yesterday's announcement that Nintendo's austere Wii Mini hardware revision would be making the journey over to the United Kingdom, some UK retailers have begun to name their price.

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fossilfern1157d ago

hmmm 80 quid for a Wii that cant play GC games, VC games, or have any access to the Virtual Console at all.... This thing should be priced at about £50. I could just buy a second hand Wii for cheaper

Thepcz1157d ago

i think its cool. not sure about the price, but its a cool little thing

1nsaint1157d ago

The wii was already small and now they make it even smaller by removing features?!

Also why make a slim version of your old console?
Besides I thought nintendo was going for the XL models..

Seems weird to me, making something that fits in your pocket bigger
Then make something that can go anywhere in your living room smaller

Qrphe1157d ago

You can find the older Wii models for 40-50 on Craigslist.

Nate-Dog1157d ago

Lol that's pretty terrible. Since I've been waiting to get a Wii for a while to play a certain few games I thought this might be handy if it was cheap but who's going to bother when you can get an online-functioning Wii with games for probably half that price on eBay?

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