Light Blue, Gloss Pink 3DS colors announced for Japan

NE: "Two new 3DS color variations are making their way to Japan."

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Beetey1909d ago

2 Thoughts:

1. That's not a 3DS XL
2. Why has NA not gotten better color choices yet???

kirbyu1909d ago

Wouldn't more color options improve sales?

DarkBlood1909d ago

in a sense yes, but not to nintendo, its too many colours at once i think they think that if they release colours at a timely event they gain more sales that way to those who intentionally waited would get it upon the release of the colour

if it was all available now they might wait on purpose for a price drop and nintendo would be losing moneyin the long term or something i dont know lol

cloud4951909d ago

The new colours look good. Hope they release more colours in other regions though.
I really wish we could get the Charizard version of the 3DS so I could buy it. I would have imported it if the 3DS was region free.

Beetey1909d ago

Off Topic: Nice profile picture. I had to give it a double-take.