Namco Bandai the latest company with a boxart screwup

NE: "Capcom has been notorious for its boxart screwups in recent years. There was the "Resident Evil: Revelaitons" spelling error. And don't forget the IGN watermark on Okami Wii's box!

But Capcom isn't alone. Other companies mess up boxarts as well - like Namco Bandai."

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RmanX10001163d ago

Naruto sucks anyway. Why does a ninja wear BRIGHT ORANGE?!

Relientk771163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

So he can be easily hidden, I mean c'mon doesnt take a genius to figure that out lol

knifefight1163d ago

He blends in with his Floridian orchard surroundings.

UnSelf1163d ago

What good is being the top ninja if no one can see you?

Zodiac1163d ago

You obviously don't read the manga if you think Naruto is about traditional Ninja lol.

Irishguy951163d ago

They are less like Ninja and more like mercenary Wizards

Only the weak people in Naruto act like Ninja

Kur01163d ago

Exactly! Nobody expects him to be a ninja and then BLAM you're dead.

hazelamy1163d ago

because, if you're going to fight, clash!

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Godchild10201163d ago

How much does the box with the misspelling of revelations on the Resident Evil 3DS box go for?

HammadTheBeast1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Forget the spelling, that Giraffe for RE6 is still stuck in my head.

JadedWriter1163d ago

Even Giraffes need a good BJ every once and a while.

no_more_heroes1163d ago

I didn't even notice the mistake at first glance. My mind just automatically assumed the letters were in their right place.

Harkins17211162d ago

Looks like a lot of people here dislike Naruto. Guaranteed the reason is either 1. I dont like anime. 2. Havent seen a single episode/ read manga. 3. Think its kiddy or 4. Pizza. Lets see how many dislikes I get for my opinion.