Playstation 4 needs new IP, not more of the same

StickSkills said, "When the PlayStation 4 was revealed, it came out banging with the incredible tech talk done by Mark Cerny. As the focus changed to games from both first and third parties, there was something lacking in the department for me. The fact was that most of the titles that were shown, were either A) known about prior to this event or B) sequels to games to showcase the graphical capabilities of the new console.

Only problem is, they aren’t that new anymore."

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ArmGunar1847d ago

Knowing Sony, the PS4 will have a lot of new IPs because Sony invest !

I am not worry about that.

jimbobwahey1847d ago

Yeah seriously, the event was crammed full of new IPs so I'm not sure what crack the idiot that wrote this article was smoking. Shoddy journalism to say the least.

Ares84HU1847d ago

When I said that I want new IP's on the PS4 instead of the same old, same old, I got a ton of disagrees.

Just saying....

Cupid_Viper_31847d ago

Haha this article is like the Planet Mars saying that Planet Earth needs more liquid water.

Newsflash Mars... look around, lol.

Enemy1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

How many new IPs did Microsoft bring this gen? Viva Pinata? They don't own Gears of War or Alan Wake.

How many new IPs did Nintendo bring? (lol)

How many did Sony bring? InFamous, LBP (GOTY), The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Uncharted (GOTY), Heavy Rain, Motorstorm, Starhawk, Journey (GOTY), Resistance, (I'm probably missing a couple more like Folklore and Heavenly Sword)

New IPs are Sony's game. They're the only publisher of the 3 that takes chances. Knack and Drive Club kicking things off already, with Media Molecule confirming their new project alongside Quantic Dream's.

Get ready for that Quantic Dream acquisition later this year, folks.

NateCole1847d ago

Sony's strategy every gen is to release new IP's to freshen and broaden their gaming audience.

Popular squeals they release for fan service and known ip's that will push console sales and software business.

This is why after 3 gens Sony own so many IP's that they don't know what to do with them in subsequent generation.

Remember Syphon Filter, Legend of Dagroon and Colony Wars from PS1?. There are so many.

Next gen will be no different.

1847d ago
_-EDMIX-_1847d ago

"720 needs new IP, not more of the same"...just saying. MS has done so much of this "more of the same" that I'm really questioning why there isn't an article tackling this issue.

MS has like 10 studios working on Kinect games. Look it up.

007Bond1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Uncharted 4
Gran turismo 6
lost count on god of war sequels/ prequels
killzone 4

beyond two souls will be similar to heavy rain which was BOOORING it did help get to sleep lots of nights.

Ratchet and clank lost count of sequels
sly cooper lost count of sequels

YOU SIR FAIL P$ is a sequel mahine

EDIT: ANOTHER INFAMOUS LOLOL Im sure I missed a couple more.

T21847d ago

No sht huh..

First off - if a series is popular why would you just end it ?
"hey that empire strikes back was gold , should we make another movie? " ... " nah some nobody internet troll will say its been done before" ...
Second - they did show new ips so you simply are lying...
Third - they have likely 8 MONTHS to continue working on games to show us.

In short, article fails on every level.

TheDivine1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

Enemy you are totally contradicting yourself. You call out MS for Alan Wake not being owned by MS and then list third party ip's from Sony like Heavy Rain and Infamous (before Sony bought SP). What's the difference? MS funded Alan Wake, Too Human, and many other third party new ip's. They made Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Crackdown, Alan Wake, Too Human, Gunstringer, Kameo, Halo Wars ( not new ip but new genre), Viva Piñata, 99 Nights, all the Kinect games and Xbla games. Those are just new ip's made and ffunded by MS, not 3rd party new ip's. if Folklore is a Sony ip then Ninja Blade, Mass Effect, Metro 2033, L4Dead, Gears, Shadow Complex, Bastion, and the dozens of other games on 360 are Ms titles. Just pointing out how everyone here goes to great length to say MS only has Gears and Halo or in your case Viva Piñata while ignoring the dozens of other titles all the while saying anything on ps3 is a Sony title.

Nintendo has even more tbh. Xenoblade, Last Story, Conduit, Pandoras Tower are just a few of the recent wii ip's. they're more about new genres though than ip's. look at Kid Icarus Uprising. It's an old ip redone into something new. SMT x Fire Emblem may not be new but the game is wholly original and def one of the coolest most random things ever to happen. Il take stuff like that over a new gritty shooter, KZ 6, another Infamous, another Uncharted, another Gears, Halo 5 exc.

I'm sure the Ps4 will have new stuff but business wise franchises sell consoles better than new games unless its something mind blowing like Gears was. I want new ip's because im board of all the same shooters we've had for 7 years now. Much rather have something like Gravity Rush or Ni No Kuni tbh. Il wait till e3 to judge the launch lineup though.

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scofios1847d ago

I wonder if there will be the same articels when halo 5/6/7/8/9/10/...... ,Forza 4/5/6/7/9/10/...., gears 4/5/6/7/8/9/... get anounced for XBOX720.

pandaboy1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

They are justified since those game are big sellers just like GT and Uncharted would be justified on the ps4. Also microsoft has more studios than sony so we can expect many more new IPs from microsoft. Having games that few people care for like killzone and infamous on the ps4 is lame and lacks imagination and originality.

Tontus1847d ago

@pandaboy Halo and Gears are the only big sellers for Microsoft which is why they rely so heavily on them with the odd Forza/Fable in-between.

Sony doesn't do the same thing, they have God of War which is bigger than Uncharted so I'm not sure why you ignored it, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet which is pretty big and Ratchet & Clank and Resistance have strong fan-bases. Then there's the odd game like Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Beyond Two Souls etc, which all have done or will do well.

Killzone and Infamous have great sales and large fan-bases, just because you think they're lame doesn't mean they're not relevant and enticing enough for fans to purchase a PS4 to see their favourite franchises revolutionise/evolve.

Even if Microsoft has more studios only 2 (343 + Turn 10 since Epic isn't owned by Microsoft) are on par with Sony's quality first party studios like Sony Santa Monica (2 teams), Naughty Dog (2 teams), Polyphony Digital, Guerrilla Games (2 or 3 teams), Sucker Punch, Media Molecule and Sony Japan, there's even more if I bothered to go on.

Also Sony don't waste efforts to attract casuals who aren't even interested with horrible motion controlled games.

ceballos77mx1847d ago

So MS has 2 shooters and a racer, yeah Sony's got a lack of imagination.

E2M1845d ago

Writer is a complete idiot, it was only 7 years ago when people were criticizing the ps3's launch that there were no titles that people recognized for the ps3, putting out games like killzone are simply for the purpose of giving current owners of a playstation console the incentive to buy the ps4.

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classic2001847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

OK here we go

Drive club
Deep Down

Ready at dawn working on new IP.
Geurilla games working on new IP with there second team.
Quantic dream new IP working on while working on beyond.
The last guardian is not release so its still a new IP.
Santa monica confirm the works on new IP.

The other studios are working on playstation games so I dont know if they are new or old but so far I got 8 new IPs and that is a lot.

The person who wrote this article is obviously thinking that sony will unveil everything at 1 press conference.

Etseix1847d ago

the same thing they said about the PS3 at the launch, and PS3 has the most original-exclusives-AAA-games at the moment(overall) .
Wait, and see, just, wait.

Enemy1847d ago

Santa Monica's new IP is rumored to be open world.

wolokowoh1847d ago

Not to mention the stuff Sony isn't working that is a new that was at the press conference like Watch Dogs and Destiny. Even there old IPs are being set in distant future/different environments and are not going to be directly related to the stories of the established IP outside of the game world.

joab7771847d ago

Exactly. But when u do a quick reveal in which u only want to give a certain amount of info, what do u show? U show games ppl are familiar and comfortable with and some 3rd party titles that ppl have seen before. They did show Knack and Capcom showed Deep Down. But Knack hasnt got much praise at all, even being called by some, unimginative with a lack of adorable. Deep Down seems to only raise more questions than it answers...many believing that there is no way it was on a ps4 or in game at all. To me some of it looked in game. Anyway, if they had shown 5 new IPs, everyone would be wondering about their other established IPs and whether these were actually done on a ps4. It woulda raised so many questions and driven ppl crazy. Also, they still have many events and much time before launch. Oh yeah, and drive club. And most ppl called it a glorified Forza, questioning why the didnt show an old IP called Gran Turismo. U just cant win no matter what u do. And sites need hits!!!

CalvinKlein1847d ago

capcom said deep down was a new IP

ceballos77mx1847d ago

That one looks good, but I don't trust capcom.

Veneno1847d ago

I can understand the concern, as The Vita and PSP havent had nearly enough new IPs. But its a totally different story when it comes to Sonys home consoles. Theres too many to keep up with!

morkendo231846d ago

"ps4 need NEW ip's not more of the same"

I agree same shit for 7 years is enough!!!

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mushroomwig1847d ago

Knack, Drive Club, Watch Dogs and The Witness are all new IPs. You may not consider Watch Dogs as a new IP but it is, like it or not. Not to mention that every Sony studio are working on games as well.

We have another article that thinks Sony should have released all the news at one event, how about actually waiting for E3? Tokyo Game Show? PAX? GDC? There are multiple events through the year.

doctorstrange1847d ago

Guerrilla Games have announced that they've been working on a new IP for 2+years, Sony Santa Monica has been hiring for a new IP for 2+years, Quantic Dream only does new IPs, The Last of Us is a new IP (for PS3, but still shows focus). Destiny is a new IP.

Minato-Namikaze1847d ago

I think Sony has come out with more new Ips's this gen than any other company. I see no reason why that wont continue. They have 3 or 4 new IP's coming THIS YEAR on PS3 no less. Some people just like to hate

Outside_ofthe_Box1847d ago

***"We have another article that thinks Sony should have released all the news at one event, how about actually waiting for E3? Tokyo Game Show? PAX? GDC? There are multiple events through the year. "***

You know how common sense works and how a lot of people don't like to use it.

DOMination-1846d ago

Out of curiousity... Why do you say people wouldn't consider watchdogs to be a new IP?

gamer2341847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )


PoSTedUP1847d ago

yeah they do, something that screams "sales!!" the games are good, but they are not getting the attention they deserve for some reason.

eagle211847d ago

Everyone pretty much knows NEW IP's is how Sony rolls.

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