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PS4 Reveal Negativity Analyzed – Trolls or Truth?

With the PlayStation Meeting nearly a week on, much of the games media and gaming community has had a chance to digest what happened and share their views. A lot of it has been negative, but is that fair? Daily Reaction’s Seb and Dan rush to Sony’s defense for the first time in their lives, and feel weird afterwards.

Foolsjoker  +   421d ago
They say life is a battlefield - Kazher
doctorstrange  +   421d ago
You have the power to make PlayStation better - Kazher
Foolsjoker  +   421d ago
I'd rather give you the PlayStation world - Kazher
doctorstrange  +   421d ago
You are who you are photoshopped to be, and in the end, if you don't believe it, then no one will - Kazher
Foolsjoker  +   421d ago
Watch them play.create.share for ya - Kazher
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doctorstrange  +   421d ago
Love still stands when the PSN has fallen - Kazher
HammadTheBeast  +   421d ago
What the hell is this? ^
doctorstrange  +   421d ago
If you miss something, don't freak out. There's nothing you can do to change it. Just reload. - Kazher
TrendyGamers  +   421d ago
The Kaz-ination will never stop!
dbjj12088  +   421d ago
SOme trolls, but mostly truth. I haven't heard anything crazy for or against the PS4.
doctorstrange  +   421d ago
Hi there, you must be new to N4G
bobtheimpaler  +   421d ago
There indeed have been quite a number of troll and flamebait articles.

When you read them, they are far from simple criticism, they're just looking for things to bitch about.
MikeMyers  +   421d ago
Some are concerns and some are just looking for attention. The concerns are of course new ip's but Sony isn't going to show everything now. The other concern might be what the online might be and if there is a cost.

I really don't get all the commotion about why they didn't show the actual system. To me that was a non-issue since they already said the specs and showed the controller which is what we will be using.

I also don't really see a lot of negativity because quite frankly it doesn't bother me. I think they had a great show so to me that really is all that matters so I don't pay much attention to the negativity.
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thebudgetgamer  +   421d ago
Developers are happy with it, that's all that matters.
Godmars290  +   421d ago
No, once they have games on the system, ones that are honestly good or at least decent, THEN developers will SHOW how happy they are with it.
PS4isKing_82  +   421d ago
What negativity??? Everything I've heard so far is amazingly positive. Gamers love it. Devs love it. Retailers love it and are in a rush to start pre orders. So tell me, besides some angry fanboys of "other" products, where is all the negativity you speak of?
I_am_Batman  +   421d ago
I agree on that. These fanboys have been there last gen and I guess they will be there the gen after PS4, Wii U and Nextbox as well. What I learned at some point is that it shouldn't be my quest to convince them and that life is so much easier when I don't give a flying f**k about what they think.
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TheRealHeisenberg  +   421d ago
I could not care less about the opinions for or against PS4. Looks like great tech to me, I just want it for $300 USD or less.
I_am_Batman  +   421d ago
Well I would want it for free if you ask me but I'm willing to pay 500€ max. While it probably will be cheaper than that you won't get it for $300 that's for sure.
Outside_ofthe_Box  +   421d ago
That isn't a realistic price point. You have to compare it to other consoles of the same price (current gen and next gen) to get a realistic price. The Vita itself costs $250. You need to be reasonable.
Hicken  +   420d ago
Trolls and fanboys aren't reasonable.

The negativity has been almost ENTIRELY trolling. In fact, I can't think of a critical article that wasn't simply nitpicking about something stupid.

From the ridiculously high level of articles complaining about not seeing the casing to someone somehow coming to the conclusion that after spending a few hundred million acquiring a cloud service company and SHOWING OFF how it'll be used, Sony's afraid of cloud gaming.

And then, of course, there are the people that are just slightly less outrageous, or hide it better.

Well, that's beyond the ones like SDFRepellent, Jek_Porkins, ALLWRONG, greenpowerz, dcbronco, Lvl_up_gamer, Cocozero, StreetsofRage, nlvwithgms, Knight_Crawler, DK286K and the half dozen wiiu-type trolls that have suddenly appeared.

Guess I shouldn't be surprised by now, though.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   420d ago
It is realistic for me since that is all I'm willing to pay for it right now. I might change my mind later but for now I'm sticking to guns and can wait later in the life cycle to buy one. The same goes for the next Xbox and any other console to be released. They will only be worth to me what I'm willing to pay, which would be $150 or less for the Wii U.


I find it completely laughable that you of all people are calling others trolls as if you are not a huge one yourself. You certainly have to know that you are one because I definitely can see it and have no issue telling you.
ninjahunter  +   421d ago
Or both? DUN DUN DUN N4G-Ception! XD
secretcode  +   421d ago
I think it is more cautiousness for some, I know it's true for me. I was impressed with Sony's showing under the understanding and rationalization that it was merely a "prequel" or a teaser for the big show at E3.
The EDGE  +   421d ago
It'll be 2006 all over again, this gen has produced the worst console wars I've ever seen in my life time, I sure hope it's not this way when the ps4 and nextbox are released . Game peacefully and appreciate good competition
NateCole  +   421d ago
What bugs me is the negative reaction when the casing was not shown.

Leading up to the 20th event. What we gamers wanted to know was

1. The PS4 console specs and functionality.
2. The Games that will be announced and how they will look.
3. Launch window.

Never was the caseing for the console ever discussed as it's the least important thing. Infact the potential price is more important.

Here in N4G there was never any articles about how the box will look as to most gamers it did not matter. It's not like a smartphone you take out with you and you will be seen with it.

I guess there are a lot of manistream people that have no idea what gaming is blowing it out of proportion. The mobile device generation that care out the looks.

It is really disappointing.
Brucis  +   421d ago
It depends on what or how they say things. If it's 'lol sony/nintendo sux' it's probably a troll. If it's 'I don't like or care about the share button or social integration' or 'Nintendo's exclusives just don't really interest me' then it's just someone's opinion. Unfortunately people tend to mix aggressiveness with their opinion. For example, 'Nintendo's casual kiddie franchises don't interest a mature gamer like me' or 'Sony's brown and bloom don't interest me because I actually like color outside of brown, blood and muzzleflash'. Neither of these types of opinions or trolling are good. Simple dislikes, personal criticisms and factual criticisms are fine.
Clarence  +   421d ago
Nothing but trolls. How can anyone hate on Sony for announcing a new console. Everyone has been talking about that can't wait for next gen. Now that Sony has showed us what they are bringing to the table, their getting all this criticism.

The main reason is because a lot people didn't think Sony would come this strong.
wishingW3L  +   421d ago
Holmes (aka Destructoid's #1 Nintendo fanboy)was hating on the PS4 conference in a very peculiar way: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
KillrateOmega  +   421d ago
Maybe some truth, but definitely a fair numbers of trolls.
InTheLab  +   421d ago
Thanks for cutting up Jim Sterling and his ridiculous soapbox. I cannot believe Escapist still pays that guy and even gave him more work in the form of movie defense force. You'd think having Yahtzee is enough to steer them away from hit whores like sterling.

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