Wii U Can Still Outsell Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4

Joseph DiGrado writes, "With the recent release of Nintendo’s Wii U console and the expectation of dominant sales, it seems that Nintendo may have hit a plateau in the eyes of gamers. As the sales surprisingly dropped down to barely over a hundred thousand a week only several months after release, Nintendo seems as if they may have run into a pickle. But this may not all be so true."

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PopRocks3591941d ago

Exactly the opposite could happen too. Who knows? The market is too unpredictable to make an adequate guess on which platform will sell the most. The best thing one can look to is history, and even history lacks consistency at times.

With that said, can we please just take the wait and see approach? I've had enough with the crystal balls over "who will sell best/worst/whatever" for one generation. All it seems to do is breed flame wars anyway.

PoSTedUP1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

i still have faith in nintendo, right now its not looking so good but i also agree with the article, nintendo has still yet to market their console. and imo when they do it Could be game over, all over again... lol.

Cupid_Viper_31941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

To be honest, I'm not saying that it's impossible for Wii U to outsell both the PS4 and the next Xbox, but I see that as an unlikely outcome.

The Wii has been the only run away success for Nintendo going back 3 generations. The N64 didn't outsell the competition, and the GameCube didn't.

It seems that Nintendo has been forced to have to create a new market in order for them to sell anything near Wii numbers. A lot has to do with the fact that over the past few generations, third party support have been moving away from Nintendo.

The Wii U so far doesn't seem be creating the necessary buzz needed to create a similar trend that we saw with the Wii. It simply doesn't have the same appeal as the Wii, where even non gaming news channel would talk about it which caused more people to be curious about it.

So if they're not bringing the casual crowd, the impending launch of the PS4 and the next xbox later this year will also take a lot of attention away from the Wii U. But the worst thing is that those console will further take away from Wii U's uniqueness as they'll pretty much be able to make use of a secondary screen as well.

So the one bright spot I see for Nintendo is price. They will be the cheapest console out this entire generation.

guitarded771941d ago

Simply put, it's gonna depend on price.

While we on this site are gamers, and look at games, games, games, a lot of console sales are by parents, for kids. Nintendo still has the biggest name recognition in gaming hardware, and if they can drop or set price at $100 or more under the competition, they will sell a butt ton.

Will it be more than Sony or MS? I don't know... nobody knows right now, but price will sell a lot to people who aren't as involved in gaming as we are.

MaxXAttaxX1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

But I'm not sure the GamePad will be anywhere near as big a novelty as the Wii Remote (just look at GameCube and N64 sales).
Let alone the average consumer realizing that Wii U is an entirely new system from the Wii, instead of something like DS and DSi.

N4g_null1940d ago

I won't get optimistic on sells until they show their full hand. Ms and Sony are not in the console buisness any more if you look at what they are trying to sell they are in the pc market fully now. Unfortunately they both will now face competing tech from apple,dell,intel, and nvidia. I didn't even list the whole thing but ms wins in that market and this mat actually be away for Sony to get out of consoles.

You could argue pc gaming has no exclusives... The exclusives are only tied to power after this gen thus setting pc gaming back where it suppose to be.

Sony is in a weird place right now and ms walked them right into just being a software provider or may just a different version of steam based on cloud gaming. Price is going to be a problem also.

It really is funny watching this all play out.

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joab7771941d ago

Honestly if it were not for microsofts assumable trajectory, i may agree. Nintendo has a strong reputation and after less gen, many parents have come to trust them for young gamers and casual gaming. Also, they do have a hardcore base. I know nintendo will provide great mario and zelda games and it seems they should be able to provide respectable 3rd party ports. Much of it will depend on how they can market their advantages like the touchpad. This is key....

But...Microsoft, i believe has put a bullseye on nintendos back. The kinect has replaced the wii remote for casual and young gamers and MS is investing heavy in kinect 2.0 tech. Instead of abandoning it, they are doubling down. Now, all those ppl who bought wiis and loved motion controlshave either already blught a kinect or may when they see MS's next gen plans. They also have the smart glass to try and compete with the touchpad and vita.

I guess we will see but i believe that many have begun to shy away from AAA titles as their main priority for revenue.

greenpowerz1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

If the Wii U is cheaper it sure can beat the others although Nintendo's success came from revolutionizing motion tech bringing people something they have never experienced. Now Nintendo's competition is doing motion just as well(so far) in their own ways.

Nintendo will have to hold their own against a next gen PS4 dual Eye Camera and Kinect 2

MSFT has built their hardcore base soldily and in a blink of an eye captured the casuals as well resulting in a huge diverse fanbase. Sony seems to be doing this as well in the bext gen with PS4 strategy/multi media/motion etc.

What Sony and MSFT are doing is a bit different though as they're designing their platforms to be in more than one industry/market.
MSFT going after the other American giants and Sony going after a little of everything/everybody.

These formulas may result in Lasting appeal/percieved value over a gaming console with added media perks vs Home Theater enterianment systems.

Their could be a default Nintendo base so big due to the Wii Nintendo won't bleed them as much as we think.

If Nintendo play their cards right with marketing/games/price advantage truely next gen games they can do well(not graphics but redesigned gameplay to take advantage of the Wii U hardware)

Nintendo games are Fun and that's why people like them.

Outside_ofthe_Box1941d ago

First post from you that isn't completely filled with a trollish agenda and fanboy drivel.

I'm shocked. Well done. Congrats. You're finally starting to take the necessary steps to live up to the "gamer and tech guy" name!

greenpowerz1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Thanks first time a delusional rabid foaming at the mouth troll with mental health issues didn't personal attack me for differing opinions. My style seems to be the only way that gets through to you guys. I have long given up on rational comments on N4G there is no point.

Good job...

Outside_ofthe_Box1941d ago

***"first time a delusional rabid foaming at the mouth troll with mental health issues didn't personal attack me for differing opinions.'***

So because I don't share your opinion I'm delusional and a troll? Nobody is allowed to disagree with you, huh?

***"I have long given up on rational comments on N4G there is no point."***

So you admit that all of your past comments were completely irrational? If so then congrats! Self-admission is the first step in recovery! Good job...

psoomah1941d ago

The Wii Y is selling just over 30,000 per week. WORLDWIDE. For a new ‘next gen’ console with no next gen competition.

120K/mo. worldwide sales = third party devs looking like Munch’s ‘The Scream’.

The Wii Y = dead console walking.

PopRocks3591941d ago

No competition? Are you serious? The PS3 and 360 are previous generation platforms but they are still viable competitors considering how cheap they are. They'll probably still be selling once the PS4 and Nextbox come out as well.

And failure after three months? What about the Vita? That's been selling even lower than the Wii U fairly consistently and it's been selling those kinds of numbers for a YEAR. Is that a failure?

Link0791941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Please even Nintendo say the graphics wont be better on the other consoles ??? and also Nintendo clarified what EA had to for ps4 wiiu can do 1080p at 60fps quite easy,remember devs only have 50% of WiiU power in their final devkits ??? thats official,so Watchdogs ect will only have access to 50% power on WiiU and it will look identical to ps4 version.

cleft51940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

The WiiU looks really disappointing right now. Whereas the Wii was all hype and big sales early on and then it drop off heavily. I think the WiiU is going to be the opposite, with very slow sales at the start and a steady climb of sales as the console lifespan goes on. Right now the demand for the WiiU is low but a lot of people still want one, they are just waiting for the good games to come out.

I didn't buy a Wii and never really regretted the decision despite some few good games coming out for it. I have to have the WiiU because there are some crazy good games that I want to play. I do trust Platinum Games will deliver the goods with Bayonetta 2. I just beat Metal Gear Rising 3 times, normal, hard, then very hard. I am a huge Fire Emblem fan so I want Fire Emblem x Shin Megami. I am really interested in Wonderful 101. I definitely want to play that "X Project" game. I am not a big Nintendo guy but I am interested in some of the 1st party games.

None of that stuff is out right now so I am fine with waiting to buy a WiiU. But when these things drop I will be buying a WiiU and I know I am not alone in feeling this way.

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Moonman1941d ago

Mario Kart 8, Zelda and a new Retro Studios Metroid will do wonders for sales.

PoSTedUP1941d ago

im thinking a completely new epic mario game with the tablet implemented to catch everyone attention. considering the graphics are near ps3's, a next gen mario could be the biggest hit, along with zelda like you said.

omkire1941d ago

Near PS3? O.o

Its significantly better. Have you not seen the "X" gameplay trailer? Keep in mind that game is in its early stages.

WeAreLegion1941d ago

You mean this?

No. The only good looking thing about that is the background landscapes. You know what else did background landscapes like that?

C0MPUT3R1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Gamecube got all of those franchises it only sold 22 million systems. Gamecube was a lot cheaper too.

sashimi1941d ago

thats what everyone seems to forget.Those same franchises only sold so much more on the wii because of all influx of casuals. Casuals only know its a Nintendo console therefore will most likely buy Nintendo games.

kirbyu1941d ago

True...but no one liked Super Mario Sunshine and, at the time, everyone was mad about the art style of Wind Waker.

Moonman1941d ago

But in all fairness that was before Mario Kart Wii sold 30 million. Big difference in fan base.

MacDonagh1941d ago

Gamecube was a console for the "hardcore" as you can see that the power was comparable to the other systems at the time. It was also the console were they put in the most risks. Super Mario Sunshine was a risk. Metroid Prime was a risk. Windwaker was a risk. I recall back in the good ol' days when people were dead set against a cel-shaded Zelda or a first person Metroid game; only for those games to become classics in their own right. They also didn't follow the online route that Sony, Sega and Microsoft took at that time and that was probably what counted against them in the long run.

It wasn't Nintendo that turned their back on the hardcore. It was the hardcore that turned their back to Nintendo. People like to say that they cater to casuals now but they've always and will continue to cater to gamers of all kinds.

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ArmGunar1941d ago

With a release 1 year before PS4/Xbox 3, it would be normal to see that.

Wii U has no games because Nintendo wanted to release before and not confront against PS4/Xbox.
Wii U will have big IP fall 2013/early 2014, when PS4/Xbox 3 will just release, after a big desert.

And maybe, there will be a price cut for Wii U when PS4/Xbox will release at 400-450$

So no need to be happy, that's normal ...

GABRIEL10301941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Down the price to 249 USD and release AAA games like Zelda and Nintendo will have the 3DS effect, simple Nintendo good price and AAA games,

Moonman1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Exactly. Around $199-$249 and Nintendo's magic franchises will move tens of millions of WiiU's.

squarecircle1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

But here's the problem.

Nintendo are already selling at a loss, making up a profit once one game has been sold.

Now if they make a price drop they will need to sell 3 or 4 games+ to make up a profit on the loss. But the problem is there isn't enough games available yet to warrant the price drop.

So they're in a catch 22. They can't make a price drop because there isn't enough games to create a profit, yet they can't get more games on the system because it's not selling well due to the price.

PoSTedUP1941d ago

i dont know if their fanbase can hold up considering most of it last gen was because of marketing the wii motes and wii sports. they dont have that anymore so casual gamers and parents may turn to the ps4 and 720 if they can bring the goods with the ps3 move and kinect to the casuals aswell as nintendo did last gen.