Five Video Game Franchises We’d Like to See Return

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''As more and more franchises make their return to modern consoles we have decided to reflect on a few franchises we would like to see return, the listed games are not the only game we want to see return bare are certainly ones we would love to see come back and greet modern gamers. Be it HD updates, remakes or a simple re-release on Xbox Live Arcade or PSN, all of the games on this list would be worthy of anyone’s attention.''

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Steadyhndz1696d ago

Been playing video games for 18 years and have never heard of any of those but 1

kostchtchie_1696d ago

sure you have been playing games? he he j/k

Planet Torment - epic rpg game
strider - brilliant side scrolling game
system shock 2 was and always be my favorite rpg fps horror game

Planet torment is getting re imagining i think


System shock you can play on GoG

dunno were you would play strider, maybe an emulator

great games, glad i actually got chance play these

karlowma1696d ago

^ This makes me so sad.

GamerEuphoria1696d ago

Sorry to hear that. Should certainly look into them!

BakedGoods1696d ago

Funny, I'm just playing through System Shock 2 now, then Bioshock 1 & 2 until Infinite!

kparks1696d ago

I want a new legend of dragoon game a sequel would be great!

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Hydralysk1696d ago

Planescape: Torment was an incredible game.

I really miss those old infinity engine rpgs.

Human Analog1696d ago

I would love to get to play SS 2 again. My gaming pc died, and I have not ever replaced it. I rely on my consoles. It would be great to have an HD version ported over without any changes. I would pay TOP dollar for it. That was my favorite game of all time!

sithsylar1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Needs more Rival Schools and a little of CAPTAIN COMMANDOOOOO :D

2pacalypsenow1696d ago

i dont want them to come back knowing how gaming is today they would prob ruin the franchise

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