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‘Uncharted 3’ digital download requires 87GB of HDD, download size revealed

While the multiplayer aspect of “Uncharted 3” is available as a free download, those who have not yet purchased “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” may consider purchasing the full title off the PlayStation Store.

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Community1639d ago
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Irishguy951639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Mistype? 8.7GB you mean...right?


No...damn. Not a chance i'm D/ling that

MattyF1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The campaign is 40GB.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1639d ago

But dl games are usually compressed. This is unheard of. Is there any other game on psn that requires that much space? DC Universe isn't even that big.

guitarded771639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

PS Blog says 6.9Gb

"Join the Adventure in UNCHARTED 3: Multiplayer. Download and play Competitive Multiplayer up to level 15 for Free! Access to Cooperative modes, additional Levels, and Game Modes sold separately.
ESRB: T // File Size: 6.9 GB"

I just saw your post. :D Wasn't trying to steal your thunder.

EDIT: Oh, so it's a bit over 40Gb for the full game and all DLC. It's still high, but the game has a lot of assets.

LOGICWINS1639d ago

So happy I upgraded to 500GB.

FarEastOrient1639d ago

Is this the sign of future games to come, good thing we're not doing 4K games yet for downloading.

Holy crap that's almost a third of my monthly bandwidth cap! I hate you internet service provider.

Ares84HU1639d ago

If current gen games can get this size imagine next-gen games. There is no way I will be downloading a single game next-gen. All will be purchased in an actual mortar-brick store so I can actually own them and not worry about the long hours of downloading and the huge space it will consume on my HDD. But hey, that's just me.

LOGICWINS1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"If current gen games can get this size imagine next-gen games."

This is how Sony will pigeonhole people into subscribing to Gaikai. When PS+ rolls out for the PS4 (and PS4 games start popping up as freebies), your not going to have a choice but to get Gaikai if you want to take full advantage of PS+.

Sure, you can buy a 2TB hardrive and wait an entire a day for a PS4 game to download, but streaming (Gaikai) would clearly be the more convenient option. Very sneaky on Sony's part. Smart, but sneaky.

This has definitely given me some reservations about getting a PS4 in the near future.

Rainstorm811639d ago

Also Logic you can play the game as it downloads so that's the other workaround for large digital games.

LOGICWINS1639d ago

^^Thats a fantastic option. Totally forgot about that.

007Bond1639d ago

So much for 300 GB P$ LOL

BitbyDeath1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

'the game has a lot of assets'

Dat ASSets

_-EDMIX-_1639d ago

Games don't get smaller each gen, they get bigger. Expect games much more bigger then that after PS4's launch.

Autodidactdystopia1639d ago

cant wait for ps4x20 to actually use up all that 50gbs of space on gamediscs. the worlds and levels are gonna be amazing.

GribbleGrunger1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Yes, as some people have pointed out, you will no longer have to wait for the game to fully download before you start playing. This offers us an insight into two major changes: The game data no longer needs to be 'unpacked' and 'installs' will be a thing of the past. Of course things get even more interesting if Sony go for a SSD

wampdog291638d ago

@ guitarded77

That's 40 GB not 40 Gb....sorry, but that's a big annoyance of mine. GB = Gigabytes and Gb or gb = gigabits

Ducky1638d ago

"If current gen games can get this size imagine next-gen games. There is no way I will be downloading a single game next-gen."

A big portion of the game size is probably just the recorded cinematics, most of which will have two versions (3D and non-3D).

If developers stick to using the in-game engine for cutscenes next gen, then I wouldn't expect the game size to jump that much.

BlackTar1871638d ago

Ni No Kuna needs 21.7GB or something

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andrewsqual1639d ago

Its because 43gbs is the download and double that is needed to be ale to do the install after it is done downloading.

typikal821639d ago

No problem for my 1TB HDD and 12MB dl speeds.... *streches arms and sits back... For hours..... *

WildArmed1639d ago

lol not sure if yer being sarcastic ^

Waiting hours is part of the problem.. thou the bigger problem would be the HUGE install time.

I installed 8gb game recently, and that took long enough as it is =/

hobohunterz1639d ago

"Turn off system when background download completes"

Go to sleep.

Darrius Cole1638d ago

Or for about $10 you could just buy the game from someone who has it on disc and doesn't play it anymore, and save your hard drive space.

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trunksthestampede1639d ago

On the PS Store update, it says "File Size: 6.9 GB"

Is that a compressed file size? Does it decompress into 87 GB?


HellzAssassin1639d ago

Yeah 6.9GB for the MP portion. If you scroll down the list a little bit, you'll see the GOTY edition with 43.5GB.


yeahokchief1639d ago

Doesn't phase me. I've got a 1TB HD installed in my PS3.

legend9111638d ago

This is the power of the PS3's ability to run the highest quality games with the largest files without lag. :p I loved Uncharted and am eagerly awaiting number 4.

aquamala1638d ago

there's still reason to get the full game (disk or download), the free to play version you have to watch a 15-30 youtube ad before every match, and there's a level cap at 15.

Pushagree1638d ago

Totally not worth it. Once you play the campaign a few times, you never touch the game again. Online is not worth it either.

If games are going to eat up this much space, they need more replay value.

saphiron1638d ago

Uncharted 3 did not have the replay value the other istallment had in single player. I don't care very much for multiplayer. I loved the skins and weapon unlocking in 2, don't get why they changed that. Still loved the game of course.

Mounce1638d ago

These are the times that you thank Sony for keeping physical discs in PS4 and saying "Thanks Blu-ray! For holding my huge-ass god damn games!" :D