God of War: Ascension Unlockables Include Every Single Unchained Behind the Scenes Video

If you were worried that God of War: Ascension would buck the trend of including unlockable content, you need worry no more. Aaron Kaufman, Community Strategist at Sony Santa Monica, took to the PS Blog to answer a few fan questions and responded to one commenter who asked a lot of questions, including the possibility of a new game plus, bonus content, and clan support.

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TrendyGamers1749d ago

The behind the scenes videos in God of War 3 were awesome, hopefully they add some exclusive stuff to Ascension.

doctorstrange1749d ago

Good thing they're not doing an EA and you have to unlock them through microtrasactions.

dbjj120881749d ago

Great, I wonder how long it'll take to get 100% and the Plat...

TrendyGamers1749d ago

It'll be at least two playthroughs probably.

ChipChipperson1749d ago

I just hope they don't handle unlocks like they did in GOW3 with the costumes. I loved GOW3, but I was disappointed by the lack of costume unlocks after beating the game and the rest were all DLC.