SimCity: Maxis’ latest city builder feels more alive – and more social | EDGE

EDGE: "Where 2003’s SimCity 4 at times felt more like a job than a game, SimCity aims to cut back the red tape and deliver a purer hit of fun. That isn’t to say it’s shallow, though; a masterful series of checks and balances sit beneath the charming tilt-shift visuals to prevent the town planning sim from collapsing under its own heft."

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Wikkid6661725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

I loved the demo... but in the end it really seemed easy. It's more of a game about building and not a simulation of running a city.

scotchmouth1725d ago

Its not what it used to be

caseh1725d ago

Fine line between making it challenging and making it accessible and most lean towards the latter these days to shift copies.

Maybe in the final release you will be able to fine tune certain aspects of the game like you could in earlier releases such as disasters etc.

HarryB1725d ago

I hope they add killstreaks and more weapons.

MasterD9191725d ago

I actually appreciated how difficult Sim City 4 was...Sorry to hear that the new game is a bit easier, but I'm sure there will be variables to alter to change that.

likeaboss3021725d ago

I'm not a fan of the limited map size of the demo. I hope that you can still built mega cities not just multiple cities in one region on the retail release.