Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on PS Vita Today

Dalton Link, Social Media Manager for Konami on US PlayStation.Blog writes:

"Prep your Fulton Recovery Devices and dust off your Love Box! Today we’re confirming that the critically acclaimed PlayStation Portable version of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker will be available on PS Vita as a PlayStation Store download later today!"

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murdock551581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

need a HD collection all in one game with trophy support.

Summons751581d ago

ps3 and xbox also get it on a bigger screen too so it's more enjoyable.


on topic a vita version would be nice too

Nimblest-Assassin1581d ago

Peace walker by far is my favorite PSP game...I spent 130 hours playing it... but this is just the standard PSP version, not a HD upgrade

JoGam1581d ago

Im confused.. Is this the psp version on vita or a actual vita version with trophies?

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1581d ago

It's a port of the one from the hd version I'm guessing.

2pacalypsenow1581d ago

its a direct port of the psp version just like all the psp games playable on the vita , it just wasn't in the store until now.

Mounce1581d ago

Unfortunately, it's the PSP game and not an individual HD release as I was hoping...

ThanatosDMC1580d ago

I'm really confused since i've had it for a long time on Vita and now it's being released??? How the crap do I have it then?

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Minato-Namikaze1581d ago

What about people that bought the ps3 HD collection? Can we get a free download?

susanto12281581d ago

What about Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS still can't transfer from my PS3 to my Vita Comeon Sony!!!!!!!!!!!

MelonSaurus1581d ago

Please give us Final Fantasy: Crisis Core. That's all I want. Please......

Snookies121581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

This and Birth By Sleep... Two games SquareEnix simply refuses to put on the PS Store for some damn reason.

They already pretty much said they just wouldn't put Crisis Core on PS Store. They gave no answer as to why, just that they wouldn't do it... -_-

Nimblest-Assassin1581d ago

Because sqaure loves f**king with you all.

What happened to VS13?

MelonSaurus1581d ago

I don't understand. What possible reason would they have for not putting one of their biggest sellers on the PSP, on the Playstation Store? I guess there's no point in trying to understand Square Enix anymore.

Wintersun6161580d ago

Meh, it seems like standard practice from SE nowadays. Whatever the fans want, they surely won't give us.

Snookies121581d ago

@MelonSaurus - Yeah, pretty much what I'm asking... I don't understand it either... I was pissed when I found out they just wouldn't do a digital download... No reason, nothing, just a flat no. They really do seem to be pushing fans away more and more lately. I swear, it's like they don't even want to make money now.

MelonSaurus1579d ago

It sucks because I really enjoyed Crisis Core on the PSP. Then my PSP got stolen and I couldn't play the game anymore. When news arose that PSP games were coming to PSN, I thought that meant I could finally get to experience Crisis Core again. I was terribly wrong.

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