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Analog Addiction writes: "The Playstation family has many recognizable faces in the gaming community.

From Killzone’s Helghast army to Jak and Daxter to Ratchet and Clank, Sony has given gamers an assortment of memorable characters over the years.

One of these icons is Sly Cooper, a thieving raccoon alongside his two friends Bentley (an intelligent green turtle) and Murray (a big pink fighting hippo). Together, they form a team of master thieves who steal purely from criminals.

Sadly, a new entry to the Sly Cooper series was absent for nearly eight years until Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the fourth title in the series, made a surprise appearance in June 2011, breathing new life into the Sony icon. However, rather than Sucker Punch (the same development team behind Playstation’s inFamous franchise) helming the long-awaited sequel to their “mischievous raccoonus” series, a small team named Sanzaru Games took over the project."

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silkrevolver1916d ago

This is up there with the best Sly games... it's just not quite 'new' enough to be considered amazing.

3-4-51915d ago

Classic games like this are always a nice edition to gaming.