Titanic Next-Gen Powerhouse Announcements - Unscripted Access Episode #35

"NVIDIA announced their latest consumer graphics card, the GeForce GTX Titan. Sony grabs nearly all the gaming headlines with the announce of the PlayStation 4, making the thick of next-generation a very close reality."

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cyclindk1606d ago

Xbox 720 secret announcement... powered by 2 x Nvidia TITANs

FriedGoat1606d ago

In Kaz Voice: Xbox 720 will retail for... $1199 Dorras

sashimi1606d ago

lol more like $1500 minimum since they'd need the appropriate hardware to go with those overpriced beast.

Heavenly King1606d ago

$2000 dollars at launch confirmed!! XD

KwietStorm1606d ago

For the low low price of a monthly mortgage bill.

hellvaguy1606d ago

Just depends on how much of the system ms is willing to subsidize at launch.

Obviously Titan gpu in an xbox isnt reality. You really wouldnt see any performance differences in a single monitor with 1080p using that beast gpu anyway.