Is Sony Afraid Of Cloud Gaming?

Forbes - Last summer Sony placed a big bet on cloud gaming with its purchase of GaiKai, an online-game streaming service for $380 million.

It was both a bold move and a bow to an inevitable future when video games will be streamed from the cloud to any device, just as Netflix streams movies and television shows today. While cloud gaming is only now starting to be offered to consumers, it will eventually grow big enough to threaten the market for consoles like the PlayStation.

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Just_The_Truth1884d ago

"While cloud gaming is only now starting to be offered to consumers, it will eventually grow big enough to threaten the market for consoles like the PlayStation.".....,,,That 's why they paid 380 million for a cloud gaming service. This article is pointless.

Minato-Namikaze1884d ago

Some people just dont use common sense, lol. So you have people that end up talking before they think

HammadTheBeast1884d ago

Forbes has made so many anti-sony articles it's not even considered trolling anymore.

thereapersson1884d ago

For an organization that deals with intelligent business people, there sure are a lot of ignorant games industry-related articles that come out of Forbes. Maybe that is the problem; maybe Forbes should stick to what they're good at, because it isn't videogames.

Ducky1884d ago

^ They're good at generating hits, which is what this article will do.

No different from their previous article which compared PS4 with PC.

Merrill1884d ago

Bookmark all these sites with ridiculous articles regarding Sony's future and the PS4 and the day Microsoft announces the successor to the 360 these same sites will have articles praising everything Microsoft have shown and announced..

pandaboy1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

I have to agree. Forbes were even bitching about the lack of kinect on ps4 xD. No professional news website comes close to the hatred Forbes have demonstrated toward sony over the years.

There was even a time a few years back when they lied about ps3 sales to make the 360 look better. They are the lowest of the low.

Enemy1884d ago

Another website to vote down. Do yourselves the favor, peeps.

-GametimeUK-1884d ago

They are clearly terrified of it. /s

wsoutlaw871884d ago

When cloud gaming gets bigger it will become like movie streaming where tons of companies do it. That will be a much harder market to compete in

thereapersson1884d ago


Sony getting the jump-start on things will only help them in the long run.

wsoutlaw871884d ago

of coarse but theres still something to worry about

Donnieboi1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

Forbes has written more troll articles about the ps4 and Sony than any other "respected" news media publication. That M$ money is talking.

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doublejj1884d ago

Why would Sony be afraid of Cloud Gaming? i don't understand the reason for this article.

wsoutlaw871884d ago

it would be a much more competitive buisness

Hicken1884d ago

In what way? As things currently stand, there's almost NO ONE in the cloud gaming business. Gaikai was one of the few in that industry; they're now owned by Sony. So what are they being afraid of, again?

You make about as much sense as this article does, honestly: none.

wsoutlaw871883d ago

lol yes right now there are none. Im talking about where they could be going. You think, stay with me here, that once the tech is out there and sony shows success with it, no one else would jump in. So in your mind one company shouldn't be worried in the movie streaming buisness just because they did it first. Try thinking and then decide if it makes sense. holy s fanboys really cant understand anything other than their company being the greatest for ever.

GribbleGrunger1884d ago (Edited 1884d ago )

'And the prize for the most conspicuous headline goes to ...'

SaturdayNightBeaver1884d ago

Is Sony? Wtf , im afraid of cloud gaming... shit will lag like crazy on my 4mbps lol

xursz1884d ago

I get 9.5mbps so I should be good. I think the ceo of gaikai said the majority of games should run well at or around 6mbps, but I'll believe it when I see it because honestly Onlive ran like crap on my connection.

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