Retro City Rampage sold more on PSN than XBLA, and Steam, with the Vita SKU leading the sales

Viva la Vita: "Retro City Rampage developer Brian Provinciano took to Twitter today to sing praises about Sony's indie services, stating that "Indies should definitely jump onto the PS Vita. RCR's sold much more on PSN than XBLA and more on PS Vita than even PS3", and while "Steam's done far better than XBLA too", PSN is still king. He later clarified that this was without including the users who downloaded it via the Instant Game Collection on PlayStation Plus.
Retro City Rampage, a retro themed take on open world games like Grand Theft Auto was released on October 9, 2012 PlayStation Network and Windows, January 2, 2013 for Xbox Live Arcade, and will launch this week for Nintendo's Wiiware service."

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BigStef711882d ago

That's pretty crazy it sold the most on vita because its free on PS+. I gotta admit its a pretty fun game and a nice throwback to the 8bit days:)

thereapersson1882d ago

People who have PS+ might have informed their friends, who might not have PS+, as to the awesomeness of the title.

Qrphe1882d ago (Edited 1882d ago )

Developer was tweeted:
"I wonder how many of those Vita "purchases" were courtesy of free price on PS Plus? That's how I got mine."

He responded:
"That doesn't include PS Plus. Far more _SOLD_ on PSN than XBLA. With PS Plus, there are a bajillion more"

PoSTedUP1882d ago

i played the demo on vita, i just couldnt get into it.. very cool idea tho im glad to hear a lot of people are enjoying it.

OllieBoy1882d ago

Played it on PS3 and Vita. Definitely prefer playing it on Vita.

-GametimeUK-1882d ago

I didn't like the demo, but it has so much charm. My issue is that it took so long to release here in europe. SCEE are a joke.

thereapersson1882d ago

EU regulations kill progress.

-GametimeUK-1882d ago

I'm still bitter that the Xbox users got it in Europe, though. I would love to hear why we don't have CSGO too.

WeAreLegion1882d ago

Such a great game. I hope this boosts indie support for Vita.

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