‘God of War Ascension’ has deep, emotional storyline, game length discussed

On Tuesday, Feb. 26, new information regarding upcoming PS3 exclusive, “God of War Ascension”, was provided by Aaron Kaufman of Sony Santa Monica, including game length and storyline.

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ArmGunar1752d ago

Game length similar to GOW and GOW2, that sounds good for me !

Trenta271752d ago

Reminds me to try that demo!

IAmLee1752d ago

I got the demo early, and I have to say, it's completely worth a DL. Can't wait now :D

Nimblest-Assassin1752d ago

I don't know... I got the demo a week early, and it feels really slow

It might be because I am playing metal gear rising, but I don't think the demo was as griping as the GOW3 demo... I played that so many times... but I forced myself to beat the ascension demo once

007Bond1752d ago

Really? The same old hack and slash for the past 5 games and I'd like to think people get tired of it. LOL it doesn't matter the story will be below average like the last three I can probably beat it by just hitting the action button LOL

zlpw0ker1752d ago

finally,a person that thinks the same thing as me.kudos for you to say gow is crap.the story isnt that important in hack n slash as long as the gameplay is great,and gow doesnt have that,its an mediocre game and I can prolly beat the game with my eyes closed.

1751d ago
Grandmaster-B1751d ago

Cool story bro, did you get at least one PLatinum in GOW game!!?

I_am_Batman1751d ago

Good luck beating any GoW on highest difficulty.

kenshiro1001751d ago

I really hope I don't see you whining about PS fans in 360 articles because you're doing the exact same thing.

Btw, try beating the game at the hardest setting mashing one button. I doubt you'll get far.

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WeAreLegion1752d ago

Is anyone else stuck on the demo? After the sewer, I press R1 to open the gate. It opens. Then...nothing. I can't do anything but die. It's weird. HELP!

Ghost_of_Tsushima1752d ago

Yes it's a glitch I had to restart the game to proceed. The camera will then follow you and you go out the door as proceed left. I also had a glitch at the end where instead of ending like the demo was suppose to it kept letting me fall and die after being smashed into the wall. After I restarted the demo it was all good.

IAmLee1752d ago

I haven't had an issue with the demo, and i've played it 3/4 times now?

WeAreLegion1751d ago

I kept running into it, so I had to reinstall the demo. It was fine then. Every once in awhile, the camera takes too long to pan over. I'm not sure why, but it obviously won't make it into the final game. :) It's a fantastic demo.

I didn't have any issues with Skyrim, while most people did. You aren't always going to run into the same problems as someone else.

Kratoscar20081752d ago

WTF! I dont care about an "emotional story" just give me topless babes and multiple sex mini-games and im sold.

first1NFANTRY1752d ago

Your thirst is strong mate.

Just google "porn" and you'll find what you're looking for lol

Kratoscar20081752d ago

Nah i want to play and watch at the same time, GoW just fill the bill.

Tiqila1752d ago

i recommend you play second life, that bullshit might be what you seek.

Conzul1752d ago

I enjoy the female form as much as the next guy, but STFU and stop making us look like undersexed idiots.
Thank you.

ps3_pwns1752d ago

you will get a std that way and have to pay child support for multiple familys. Its best to have the one sexy lady that is loyal to you and only you and no one else can touch that booty of hers.

Give me the emotions so that when its time to hit the sheets i will be doing kamehamhehas!!

ILive1752d ago

Has the best demo for a game ever!

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