Playstation 4 Games Warn of PS-Style Surveillance

The debut of the PlayStation 4 in New York City Wednesday (Feb. 20) was as remarkable for what it showed as for what it didn't show: Sony unveiled a raft of beautiful, incredibly realistic new games, but not the console itself. The device, perhaps in a straight-from-the-lab rough appearance, was somewhere offstage, driving the giant projectors that broadcast previews of upcoming games around the Hammerstein Ballroom.

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Bryan5742031d ago

I really hope that camera isn't needed to use the controller.

Root2031d ago

I highly doubt it because Sony have been debating whether or not to include the camera with the PS4 at launch

So if they are debating whether or not to include it then it must be optional or you don't need to use it. Why would they not bundle it a key thing to play games with and make you pay extra for a camera on top of your console purchase.

Bryan5742031d ago

I hope your right..... But the PS Move like coloured bar on the controller makes me think otherwise.

Root2031d ago

Maybe it's just for show...give the controller a nice look to it


Maybe it does connect with the camera...IF you want it to.

DaThreats2031d ago

I thought it's already included

porkChop2031d ago

The camera is included. Every PS4 comes with the console itself, a DualShock 4, a wired microphone/headset, and the stereo camera.

BitbyDeath2031d ago

Camera isn't said to be in yet, headset has been confirmed though

"Are you packing in the camera with every PlayStation 4?" -"We are not talking about the final compilation or pricing or the release date right as of yet".

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maniacmayhem2031d ago

"The PlayStation network will get to know you by understanding your personal preferences and the preferences of your community and turn this knowledge into useful information that will enhance your gameplay,"

Sounds like a nice way of saying Big Brother is watching. From what I read it may be the same as the rumor of the Kinect always watching you and taking that knowledge and offering things based on your behavior or spending trends.

subtenko2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

It's computed thinking basically. Like iphone genius featured. I.E. based on me downloading angry birds, it suggest angry cows. Same game but with cows! I might like it since its similar.. whats this big brother thing you're talking about?

P.S. if you have no ad blocker on, ads can show things based on what you like from sites you go on.

TheBrownBandito2031d ago

It can only watch you when it's turned on. ;o)

WeAreLegion2031d ago

How is Yahoo Games still allowed on N4G?!?

Reverent2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

For the same reason a bunch of other ridiculous websites are still allowed... Dumb people approving their crap articles, and 99% of the commentators not down-voting their websites.

By the way, to everyone concerned, I guarantee that the use of the camera will absolutely not be mandatory. Sony isn't stupid.

WeAreLegion2031d ago

I agree with everything. Bubbles, sir. :)

Bryan5742031d ago

No kidding, If the camera is mandatory I'm getting a steam box instead. Predictions and always on camera? No thanks.

KwietStorm2031d ago (Edited 2031d ago )

I haven't heard anything about always on camera, but how is predictions any different than having an account on Amazon, or downloaded apps on your smartphone being suggested based on the TYPE of apps they are? Its not like the system doesn't know every single item you bought already. Its just streamlining things for you based on habits. How is that a bad thing?

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