Microsoft Possibly Going It Alone On Used Games

4Player-"Out of the two big players here, Microsoft and Sony, my gut reaction is that Sony has it right. Do not assuage yourself from the used games market, however give gamers a different approach. By offering a competitive choice, Sony may come out on top. Microsoft may be doing themselves a world of hurt by spurning the consumer as a first step."

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Crazy Larry1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I would guess developers hugely support the idea; and both Sony and MS are getting pressured by developers to do it. Developers MAY in turn make exclusives for whatever company does it first. Developers would have a profit on every game sold; and deservedly so. Also, I think Sony or MS could TOTALLY get away with if they charged less retail. I'm not saying I'm for it, but from a developer stand point, I completely understand.

EDIT: Moonman- I agree the consumer comes first. But every game drops in price eventually; many to $20 within a year, new. Devs would still get their deserved profits, and the consumer still gets a great, CHEAP game. The consumer may just have to show a little self control and wait a few months before they buy; and if its a game they CAN'T wait for, they are buying it used for for a mere $5 less than new anyway.

Moonman1671d ago

Of course I'm all about developers getting the most out of their hard work BUT the consumer comes first! Not everyone can afford to buy new games. And many of these new games suck

Sexius Maximus1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

You have a point, Larry. Used games aren't really that much cheaper than new (speaking strictly of Gamestop.) I don't buy used games, but if I did, I'd probably use eBay, not Gamestop. I also usually don't buy new releases, so many of my purchases are new games, around $20-$30. Still, for those people that want to save a few bucks, I suppose used game sales are helpful. HOWEVER, for me, the issue is selling my used games. I may not want to buy used games, but I'd like the option to sell what I no longer play.

dcbronco1671d ago

It's funny to hear people say they will boycott a console that doesn't allow used games. They'll still pay EA $60 for a roster update. $60 a year for map packs based on levels from the game. And $60 for games with online sections where half the players cheat and the developers barely try to stop it. And you can best believe Kotick will support this. If MS does it and Sony leaves it up to the developer.

Tough talk anyway. When a must have hits, you'll all end the boycott.

You also have to wonder what MS is hiding that gives them the confidence to believe they can do this.

Kaiou1671d ago

The thing is , if there's no used market prices WON"T drop on new games that easily , just like with digital downloads(guild wars 2 just as an example). so it's a double lose for us consumers.

DragonKnight1670d ago

@Crazy Larry: It is a complete myth, an utter fabrication by developers/publishers, that used games take away their profit. Developers may flock to the console that blocks used games, but gamers won't. How much profit will developers make with no one to sell to? That's of course a generalization, obviously some will buy the games, but the point is that the console that blocks used games will most definitely see less sales than the console that doesn't block them, meaning less of an install base to sell to, less of a trusted use base to have for the future, less chances for people to support a dev in the future because they like what they bought.

A person shouldn't have to wait for a game to lower in price if they can get it cheaper right away just to satisfy a greedy publisher and developer who already get everything they would anyway from the retail stores they sell their games to.

This practice is appallingly anti-consumer and in no way should be supported.

GrizzliS19871670d ago

If i was Microsoft, and wanted to do the watermark idea, i would tie the game to the account, rather then the machine. This way, you can log in to any Box you wish, and play the games you bought. This prevents a random person selling a game to Gamestop, and having another random person buying it, and playing it. Because they will never know the original users Username and Password. I think this is the approach they will take, because anything otherwise would be suicide for their console. At the billionaire level that they operate on, it would be a noob mistake to do what you people are claiming. It cannot, and wont be the way you think it will be :/

DOMination-1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Wow, a very interesting point that I never thought about. I still wouldn't appreciate this concept becoming reality, even though it wouldn't bother me personally as I rarely buy used games.. but having this feature *could* in theory garner more support from developers.

Would people still not buy the next Xbox if most of the big games ended up skipping the PS4?

mr.selfdestruct1670d ago

I disagre there are many a time i will sell games to buy a new one. So that New game which the company would have sold now goes unsold. To say it would be better for the company to wait months later only to get a fraction of the original price is well crazy. Every used game sold was once bought new They were paid for it. Its a mistake and they will fail for it. If Rumours are true of coarse.

wampdog291670d ago

You'de have to think about the possibility that new games might not fall in price as fast since they no longer have to compete with used game prices... The value sticks longer without used games.

Neoprime1670d ago

Devs don't get profits, publishers do, devs get paid by salaries by publishers.

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fermcr1670d ago

If a console doesn't support used games then NO THANKS... You can keep it.

anderssc1670d ago

To any one who is still thinking that Xbox is on the fence about blocking used games here is definative proof from the mouth of Eidos Interactive's President Ian Livingstone

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

look at them! The charge for multi play and millions are happy to pay it!! I wouldn't be surprised if MS blocked used games was still successful.

God I hate these apple wanna bees. They really are the apple of console gaming. All they need is an over priced under powered console to sell like hot cakes.

But hey at least windows 8 is failing because of the apple obsession. They went from 70% market share to under 30% market share for servers because of the dumb tablet UI for servers.

If this happens xbox will have biggest publisher support.

UnholyLight1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Your statement about Apple wannabes is pure retardation. Apple is an example of a company who managed to do what a company forms to do in the first place. Innovate, come up with appealing products, and have a stranglehold on the market to maximize profits.

Every company wants to be the Apple of the market.

zeal0us1670d ago

If true then I'm taking life boat and sailing back to the Sony ship, if they will take me.

Most of the games I brought this gen was preown/used games.

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Just_The_Truth1671d ago

They're not going to block used games

AngelicIceDiamond1671d ago

If they do, then there's no way I'm buying it.

MariaHelFutura1671d ago

The president of Eidos just said the next xbox games are watermarked. So you're wrong, unless he is lying MSFT just blocked used games. Look at the story below this one on the main page.

SignifiedSix1671d ago

You guys never seem to realize that its probably something to combat piracy.

MariaHelFutura1671d ago

There are other ways to prevent piracy other than watermarking.

Urusernamesucks1671d ago

"There are other ways to prevent piracy other than watermarking. "

Al rite then, wich one of them is the most eficiant/combiniant?

VicodinViking1671d ago


eficiant/combiniant, huh? full retard marks for butchering english.

MaxXAttaxX1670d ago

What if my system dies? Do I have to buy another copy of the game? Or is this somehow tied to your account?

That sucks.

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Just_The_Truth1671d ago

I'm a fan of playstation anyways so I don't care what they do but I just can't see them blocking used games. Maybe exclusive like Halo or Gears but in no way all of them.

blackbeld1671d ago

I'm also a playstation fan but I'm not a blind fan. If Sony gonna block used games I will still enjoy my games with the WiiU.

But no worries Sony already stated they will not blocking used games.

Now it's up to Microsoft if they do this then I can already see what's gonna happen. Xbox 720 will be another big failure.

danny8181671d ago

I believe it. Rumors tend to be true

SixZeroFour1671d ago

out of all these "xbox blocking used games on next console" articles, how many mentioned sonys patent on blocking used games from a month or 2 back and how that effects ms doing it on the next xbox?

im asking cause i havent read a lot of these articles

DragonKnight1670d ago

Given that 2 Sony executives have spoken against the idea that Sony will block used games with the PS4, mentioning Sony's patent is irrelevant.

MaxXAttaxX1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Cause the rumor about the 720 blocking used games has been around just as long, if not, a bit longer.

SixZeroFour1670d ago

i wasnt talking about sony using it...i was talking about how if sony has the patent on it, wouldnt ms have to go through sony to use it on their console

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animegamingnerd1671d ago

if M$ says they are going to do all i will hear this they want you to buy either a PS4, wii u, or PC over the next xbox

crillinFLIP3371671d ago

You do realize the PC restricts games like the article talks about, right? And with Sony being less than direct when they answer the used games question, I wouldn't be surprised if both companies talk about this at E3 this year. Looks like a wait and see approach will be best

ThatXboxGuy1671d ago

Man.What a way for the Xbox brand to die out.Like a candle in the wind.

Root1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I don;t think it would die out, MS would just turn the Xbox console into a Entertainment box and go from there. They would probably just leave the gaming business but would still bring out the odd game like Halo, Gears, Alan Wake for gaming sales.

I mean from what they've done over the years I think they want to leave the industry and instead of bowing out and leaving a part of their audience, gamers, they are slowly transitioning the console into an entertainment box so gamers will come along for the ride and so there isn't an uproar

BitbyDeath1671d ago

If people can handle paying for online then i don't see why blocking used games would be such an issue.

Sure they are two different things but loyalty has already been proven as they are both pretty out there.

EbeneezerGoode1671d ago

"people" don't handle paying to play online.

Idiots do.

ALLWRONG1670d ago

You mean like paying for the privilege to download in the background (PS3 now) or pay to play old PS3 games on the PS4?

EbeneezerGoode1670d ago

@allwrong - I don't do either of those, nor will. Playing online is a basic right when you have already paid your ISP for internet access. UNLESS you are paying for a dedicated server, which in most if not all console games, you are not.

And if Sony go the same route then I'll be just as harsh on them.

JeffGUNZ1670d ago

@ EbeneezerGoode

How old are you? I use PSN and LIVE, I pay for it and I think it's well worth it. You're paying the experience and sleek upgrades on live that PSN doesn't have. You can easily find live for 39.99 on Amazon for an entire year. That's a little more than half the price of a game. Don't be shocked if you have to pay for PSN next generation. You can't keep adding features without find the money to continue to evolve them. If PSN starts to charge, no gaming on consoles for you then?