PlayStation 4 The Real Reason Why Sony Didn’t Announce A 4K Console

GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes about the PlayStation 4 and the real reason he believes why Sony didn't announce a 4K console.

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Dylila1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

its because a lot of people will feel like theyll get left out because they cant take advantage of 4k resolution. less than 1 percent of people have 4k telis so its not really something to push right now until summer time when theyll be selling the cheaper consumer friendly 4k tvs. some people will continue to bad mouth 4k telis because they wont be able to upgade to them anytime soon but i cant wait to be able to buy one.

some say they are content with 1080p so 4k will be a massive upgrade and i cant wait to be able to have a teli that can do 4k with a massive screen

Ares84HU1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Only 4K TVs I see right now are at $25K. I doubt that it will be consumer friendly by the summer. But in about a year or so I expect to see some 40"-55" models to be around $5k-$10K.

I have a feeling that the PS4 will support 4K with Blu-ray movies and possibly some games as well. But that remains to be seen. They didn't actually say much about the resolution of the PS4 yet.

Reverent1914d ago

To think, I could buy multiple cheap cars for the price of one of those T.V's.

dcbronco1914d ago

Or you could buy two quality used cars, a nice new car or a home in a terrible Detroit neighborhood.

ThanatosDMC1914d ago

1080p is fine. I dont want to have to buy a new expensive tv.

khowat1914d ago

There is some obscure chinese brand that sells 4k tvs at 1500, not sure about the quality or durability of these products, but just a comparison

TheGamerDood1914d ago

1% of gamers are only capable of playing 4K games at this point. It requires a 7970 or 680 to run and even then it's taxing on the FPS.

Autodidactdystopia1914d ago

because its too expensive atm.

nothing secretive about it.

inveni01913d ago

It won't support 4k games because such a rig would require a couple of NVidia Titan GPUs.

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MariaHelFutura1914d ago

The reason. 0.02 percent of the population have a 4k tv.

HammadTheBeast1914d ago

Much less tbh. I'd say max, 1 million people with these 4k TV's.

joab7771914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

I read that it will support 4k resolution concerning videos but not games. This does make sense as the ps3 plays videos in glorius 1080p but not many games in 1080p because it doesnt have the computing power without losing something somewhere. The ps4 will support 4k video because it helps drive the tech and TV sales. But the ps4 may have a hard time running games at 4k and 30 fps much less 60 fps. And its much different because with games sometimes higher resolution isnt always the best thing. I know david cage thinks that polygons are where gaming is at, but it takes alot of power to produce the pixels needed for 4k, and upscaling would not look so great.

dumahim1914d ago

I seem to remember someone saying it'd support 4k only from 4k sources. There would be no upscale to 4k. It'd likely have to be a streaming 4k service, unless Sony surprises everyone and includes a BD drive capable of more than 2 layers.

I think the 4k thing is a bit of a fad. Many digital movie theater projectors are only 2k. These screens are huge. Why would someone need double that for a TV? With no solid physical media to support it right now, that leave streaming where bandwidth is a concern, which will probably lead to more compression than people would like. I'd rather use extra bandwidth for lower compression 1080p.

iGAM3R-VIII1914d ago

or maybe because 4K HDTV's are way to expensive

sourav931914d ago

Off topic:'re always first on anything PS4. True dedication I guess ;)

On topic:

Even though it won't play 4K games at launch, I wouldn't be surprised if a future software update allows some form of 4K games rendering, akin to what happened with 3D on the PS3. Keep in mind, 3D was supposed to work only on HDMI 1.4 and above, but they made it work with HDMI 1.3 on the PS3.

ALLWRONG1914d ago

The 4k hype train left so fast Sony forgot to jump on. All that talk about 4k and it ended up where most people thought it would, on the chopping block.

morkendo231914d ago

I SAY OL CHAP YOU GOT A TELLI??? smashing remarable pip'pip

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NYC_Gamer1914d ago

It's too expensive right now to offer hardware that plays 4K content at decent frames per second

NJShadow1914d ago

And yet the PS4 does. ;) More than likely the reason it isn't supported for GAMES is because of the borderline ridiculous amount of detail, but that's just a guess.

NYC_Gamer1914d ago

I'm talking about running games in 4K...That is real damn expensive and requires real high end hardware to get decent frames per second...

Ares84HU1914d ago

PS4 is able to do that with the hardware it has without a problem.

yewles11914d ago

PS4 can do 4K videos and pics, it might also be possible to upscale games to 4K if coincided with a 4K set.

NJShadow1914d ago

Yeah, Sony did confirm that the PS4 will have 4K support, just not for games (which is understandable).

Moonman1914d ago

I love PS4 already. 4K for video is awesome!

Megaton1914d ago

Because it would have to retail at $3000 to play 4K games?

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