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New Borderlands 2 Character and DLC: What Will They Piece Together

Eric: "Gearbox Software’s head Randy Pitchford made multiple tweets mentioning that Borderlands 2 will be receiving some new DLC and a new Character, both of which are being worked on at this time." (Borderlands 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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CaptainYesterday  +   548d ago
Looking forward to see what they come up with, I kinda wish they let the fans come up with a new class or DLC like a contest I have a ton of ideas that would be great for Borderlands and I'm sure a lot of people do too :)
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   548d ago
ice weapons, please o3o
BitbyDeath  +   548d ago
Hope this is included in the season pass.
Cablephish  +   548d ago
It's not.

Only the 4 DLC campaigns he announced are in the season pass, it never included DLC characters.
GreenRanger  +   548d ago
Raise the level cap from fifty to a bazillion trillion million.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   548d ago
too late i platinumed this game and i'm done with it
matrixman92  +   548d ago
we need a playable female psycho...that would be awesome. Although, i have no clue what their specialty would be
Vladplaya  +   548d ago
I hope they include functional and decent Aliens game... Har har har

But seriously I don't like Gearbox anymore.
Temporary  +   548d ago
they probably used the money they stole from Aliens development to make this DLC.
Tetsujin  +   548d ago
I'm burned out of Borderlands 2 for now, I'm debating to sell it or keep it for someone who buys it at discount and needs help with some missions.


Sorry Gearbox, your a little too late to keep adding to the game, in some ways I preferred 1 over 2. Maybe (if) 3 is announced I "might" be interested, but until then Borderlands 2 is put on the shelf.
Elwenil  +   548d ago
In my opinion they lost the momentum by keeping Borderlands 2 at the current level cap for so long. One of the main draws to games like this is collecting new loot. More powerful weapons, shields and mods. But I can only take so much of playing DLC at 50th level and all I find are guns for 30-40th level. I don't really see the thinking behind holding everyone back.

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