Confirmed: Nintendo charging $150 for Wii U Game Pad replacements

Nintendo doesn't sell Wii U Game Pads on their own in America but it appears they are charging players up to $150 to replace a Game Pad.

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Ashunderfire861851d ago

Damn forget that!!! I am glad Sony did not follow this on PS4. Vita is better than this anyway.

AKR1851d ago

Wow - You really expect something like the Gamepad to come cheap? The Vita is still more expensive anyhow - So it's not better, price-wise. At least the Gamepad comes with the Wii U right out of the box.

Unless Sony tries to sell a PS4-Vita bundle at a discount (which is unlikely) - then that's almost 700$ for the PS4 & Vita individually, combined versus the Wii U's $300.

ThePsychoGamer1851d ago

"The Vita is still more expensive anyhow - So it's not better, price-wise. At least the Gamepad comes with the Wii U right out of the box"

Wow that argument is stupid. Now this may come as a shock to you, as you clearly didn't do any research, but the Vita is a handheld gaming device, the WiiU's gamepad is a console controller. This means the the Vita is its own independent device with the ability to perform a myriad of tasks without the need of anyother device, like handheld gaming for example.

The more you know.

Stroke6661851d ago do know the term 'reading is fundamental' right? you should try it. he said 'PRICE-WISE'. who needs to do research to know the vita is a systemand the gamepad is a peripheral. also he is referring to the comment above him about ps4 and vita. pretty much saying remote play comes out the box. y u mad.

Knowing is half the battle.

AKR1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

@ThePsychoGamer ~ I know the Vita is a handheld gaming device. I wasn't disputing that fact. But at least I don't have to pay almost $700 for something I could do just as good at $300.

Also, the Vita may have remote play at it's side, but I'm curious to see how such a feature would work combined with interference from many other devices and structures out in public.

The only way to justify getting a Vita along with the PS4 is if the Vita gets some software rolling. In an economy like this ~ that PSVITA4 combo $$ PRICE $$ is not going to be quite attractive.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1851d ago

They should have scrapped the pad and stuff more ram in it and highly enhance the wiiMote.

Nintendo see that casuals are now loving ipad. And are failing for now.

PopRocks3591851d ago


Wow, you completely took his words out of context. The original poster commented saying the Vita was better for doing what the Wii U does and ExtremeAzure said not if you're talking about how much it would cost. You completely derailed the original argument by suggesting he was ignorant of the Vita being an independent device.

miyamoto1851d ago

I can get a new DSXL or 3DS with that price.

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1upgamer991851d ago

I agree that is expensive for the gamepad, but PS3/Vita is not better. Not many games use the combo much, and when they do they do not play the same as the Wii U gamepad. I have PS3 but no Vita, and I would not buy one for the PS3/Vita combo. I don't play handhelds much. Well unless you call playing Off screen on the Wii U gamepad a handheld.

Ashunderfire861851d ago

I know Vita is a handheld console duhh!!! I was just pointing out that the PS4 controller is not a tablet controller like the WiiU. Vita is a better feel for a controller than the Wii U, that what I meant LOL!!! What is so stupid about the argument?

Tito081851d ago

Don't bother arguing with Nintendo fanboys, to them, everything Nintendo does is "Perfect, pretty & cheap"!

Shok1851d ago

Well hot damn. Better be careful with those gamepads ya'll lol.

stragomccloud1851d ago

Daaaaaaaaang. Why is it almost the same cost as a 3DS?

AKR1851d ago

You need to remember the kind of tech the GamePad, carries. It's not just a controller - it also acts as an independent second screen. Tech like that doesn't necessarily come overly cheap.

stragomccloud1851d ago

True. But still...

Well, honestly that's not that bad considering that Microsoft charges $70 for a wireless controller with a rechargeable battery.

EliteGameKnight1851d ago

I've actually heard the gamepads are quite durable. For instance, some people on Youtube dropped the thing five feet in the air on solid pavement and it only got a few scratches. Heres a link to the video to those who care.

I suppose if you stepped on it, the screen would probably break. granted I wouldn't leave it on the floor anyway.

t0mmyb0y1851d ago

Damn. Just as durable and SNES, N64, Gamecube...then it stops there haah. Thanks for sharing.

Damd_Bowsr1851d ago

Still less than a Vita, or a touch pad, move, navigator and eye camera, for less the value. Ijs...

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