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Submitted by FlexRex 1007d ago | rumor

Rumor: More Pokemon X & Y Information Possibly Leaked

The anonymous 4chan user "Mr. XY" has returned with more information about Pokemon X & Y. Is he telling the truth? (3DS, Game Freak, Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo DS, Pokemon X and Y)

Hard to tell
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PrimeLantern  +   1007d ago
So many leaks. Its like every day there's a deluge of information.
AztecFalcon  +   1007d ago
Mr. XY is becoming an internet sensation right now.
kirbyu  +   1007d ago
I highly doubt Mr. XY is at all involved with anything related to Pokemon or Nintendo or video games.

Although these new Pokemon sound cinda cool. I hope they are real.

Wait, wait, hold on. He names 5 people for the Elite 4?
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Swiggins  +   1007d ago
Elite 4 Plus Champion maybe?
RTheRebel  +   1007d ago
profgerbik  +   1007d ago
Xerneas looks pretty cool.
Khordchange  +   1007d ago
time travel??
jakmckratos  +   1007d ago
Sorry but this stuff seems bogus to me. SOunds like someone who wants 15 minutes of undeserved fame..
kirbyu  +   1006d ago
Although he didn't put anything too unusual or unbelievable, like Pichu gaining a new pre-evolution that Fire/Steel type, or an item that can make Magikarps evolve into Mewtwos, or anything like that.

So maybe it is legit, it probably isn't though.

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