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Ubisoft: 'The Vita is not dead for us.'

Many are worried that the PlayStation Vita may be seeing its end draw near, especially with only a small slate of games scheduled for release this year. One of the world's largest developers, Ubisoft, isn't giving up on the system just yet, however. (PS Vita, Ubisoft)

Snookies12  +   736d ago
I've said it once, I'll say it again. If the Vita WERE to die off (which it won't). I would lose all faith in today's gaming community. It is such a fantastic device, and has been a pleasure to own since I bought it day one. Still take the thing everywhere I go.... (Okay once in a while I'll grab the 3DS instead, but still lol.)
Irishguy95  +   736d ago
It's not the gaming community, it's the developers who won't make games for it.

There is only about 10 games on the Vita I would choose to play over an average console game
profgerbik  +   736d ago
Actually it's both the community has gotten so bad most developers are just afraid to even try making a Vita game because it will just be ripped apart just for being a handheld game by the community so it is a sort of catch 22.

Like most Vita titles are always being compared to console games, they are usually never appreciated for what they are, even for NFS: Most Wanted although got high praise that is all anyone did is compare it to the console version and actually put negative points for that to rate the game which I think is absurd.
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SoundGamer  +   736d ago
With over 100 games available in North America on the Vita within its first year, I would say developers are making games for it.

The marketing is just bad, so people don't know about the games.

It has about the same amount of high-ranked games on metacritic that the 3DS has (a system that is about to go into its third year).

Vita: http://www.metacritic.com/b...

3DS: http://www.metacritic.com/b...
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guitarded77  +   736d ago
If remote play with the PS4 runs smoothly, they Vita will see a serious increase in demand.
Sam Fisher  +   736d ago
About remote play, im pissed with sony. Its obvious that it couldve been implemented on ps3 but they chose ps4 instead, what they should have done was pioneer it with ps3 and perfect it with ps4, i am really disappointed with sony. You dont believe me? Search any game you like (or almost) and type remote play at the end, look it up on youtube. If hackers are doing it why not give to everyone sony? Why punish the people the gave you their hard earned money? Why make us buy an other expensive console just to remote play? Im waiting, if they announce remote play only for ps4 to any device, i have no choice but to hack mine, and im trying not, i really am
Kingthrash360  +   736d ago
I think it was the gaikei intergration for ps4. It was basically too late for them to put gaikei on the ps3... they bought it when the ps3 was at the end of its cycle... ( this generation is late compared to previous systems) playing gow and ico via remote play work very well imo...so I could only imagine how well it will work with gaikei on a stronger faster system that is the ps4. I think It would have, (in the long run) been a loss for sony to continue to utilize remote play for the vita/ps3. If anything gow and ico was a beta test to see how well it ran and the user feed back on the acceptance of remote play. I think its cool to play ps4 titles day one on the vita...im sold on that alone....
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hobo51  +   736d ago
honestly tho sony is gonna depend on their first parties to make exclusives on the vita, i could see the next uncharted vita on it but have the visual jump that uncharted 1 had to 2. and of course a god of war has to be on the way, honestly its only a matter of time before people (or at least the core) start to recognize how amzing the vita really is and start fckin buyin them. I think sonys really banking on the fact the ps4 is releasing this year and will likley push the vita heavily with it, having ads where people who buy the ps4 will want to have the vita aswell to obtain the most immersive experience. and by 2014 the 3rd party support will increase, probably seeing direct call of duty ports straight to the vita (i think activition will support the current generation into about 2014/2015 there thinkin bout the money tho), its pretty evident though that the vita is far from dead, i think sony knows what there doing, kinda goin back to their ps2 days and now that they own gaiki sony'll will likly release a lte supported vita slimmed down a bit and release it in 2014 with the promise of streaming games to your vita where ever you are! finally all they gotta do is release a goddam monster hunter sometime in the future so the japanese start buying the goddam beast. TL DR vita aint dead homie
Autodidactdystopia  +   736d ago
psp had a slow uptake too, some things take more than a few months to propogate.
JBSleek  +   736d ago
I think what this really boils down to is that the mobile space has become diverse and is now into heavy competition. Devices ranging from $150-$300 all seem to be competing for the same consumers now.

Vita is great but the competition is different from what was happening in the PSP days of 2004.
Dragos75  +   736d ago
It's not the gaming community's fault. Sony should od made sure the device had strong support before it hit store shelves. The vita is definitely in trouble and the PS4 might help it out IF sony does it right.
ArmGunar  +   736d ago
With over 600k units sold for AC3 Liberation (which is a very good AC for a handheld version), Ubisoft can think VITA is not dead :)
jony_dols  +   736d ago
Yeah, I think it was 600k retail shipped back in Jan & that doesn't include PSN downloads. Pretty damn good for a relatively small console user base.

Hopefully Ubi will bring over even more franchises. Watch Dogs Vita with touch screen hacking would be frickin sweet!
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_-EDMIX-_  +   736d ago
DAMN! Thats really good! I never knew it did that well.

I'm not a big AC fan, but I'm trying to get into it. My friends where just telling me to play AC2, AC Revelations and AC3. But this one looks good, for when I eventually get a PSVita.

(tax money)
Cam977  +   736d ago
Well they better get their damn act together. ACL was a complete waste of time and money due to a game-breaking glitch.
KrisButtar  +   736d ago
I bought my vita for ACL and it's the only vita game I own. yet the cost of the vita was worth every penny for that title. I'm waiting for P4G to go on sale and that will be my next game. 29.99 is the magic price for me. As I've grab tons of 360/ps3 games @ that price, that I haven't played yet due to the big backlog. Lol even if I've never heard of the game, if I see it for 29.99 and I own the system, I buy it.
rpd123  +   735d ago
Haha, that's why I bought mine too. I'm an AC nut, so I had to have it. But I have a bunch of other great games on it too.
KrisButtar  +   735d ago
AC3/ACL are my fav as they added so much, climbing trees,use any weapon to assassinate,etc, but i didnt like the story of connor, but i want more of aveline, her story was awesome like ezio
rpd123  +   735d ago
Agreed on the changes. The combat system and climbing trees were awesome changes/additions. I liked Connor, but his story was kind of dull. It seemed to focus more on the world he was in than Connor himself. I'm disappointed they're not gonna do a follow up game, it would've been cool to see more of him. That's what made Ezio so great, he was expanded on a lot. Aveline was cool but the story was kind of a mess. She barely had any build up, whereas Connor had too much build up.
CaptainYesterday  +   736d ago
That's good to hear I'm looking forward to see more games from Ubisoft :)
Kingthrash360  +   736d ago
I cant see it dying.......just put gta (stories) title along with another uncharted and gravity rush..nba2k14 and it will sell....price drop in places other then japan.....hint, hint.
superterabyte  +   736d ago
Gran Turismo vita please. Would put hours into that game if it was released.
sherimae2413  +   736d ago
the only developer/publisher who has guts to take the risk
so far they are the only 3rd party who brings many games to the vita
rayman origins
asphalt injection
michael jackson the experience
lumines elecric symphony
dungeon hunter alliance
assassins creed 3 liberation
they publish all this games in vita's 1st year ^_^
g-nome  +   736d ago
Busy with AC- revelations , looking good so far. Bring it on Ubi...... and please do Rayman Legends for Vita too.

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