The Five Cheats We Must Have in GTA V

GTA5Cheats looks at the top five cheat codes they see as "must-haves" in Grand Theft Auto V.

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OneAboveAll1912d ago

Yea, Peds riot/give peds weapons is a must.

Wuket1912d ago

Haha yes easily one of the most fun cheats!

RTheRebel1911d ago

lol love that cheat code

CaptainYesterday1912d ago

Flying cars is all I care about.

itz_zombies1912d ago

I remember having so much fun flying a car around San Andreas.

b163o11911d ago

Monster trucks anyone?

zAlchemist1912d ago

this game is going to sell crazy when it hits the stores

DoomeDx1911d ago

It will

but what has your comment to do with the article?

I loved the Model Changing cheatcodes!

zAlchemist1911d ago

Well I love the unlimited ammo cheat and just blasting through everything :D

dreamoner1911d ago

Maybe of the topic but they should have done a zombie mod/dlc for gta iv, it could've liven'up(or deaden'up) the dull liberty city and it would have been awesome a zombie apocalypse in a virtual city as detailed as that. Maybe we may see one for gta v tho.

For da cheatz' give all weps', 'spawn da jet' and 'spawn da fastest car' is a must.

Deku-Johnny1911d ago

If the map is as big as R* are saying it is then the most important cheat is flying cars and I mean proper flying cars from San Andreas not Dodo cars from Vice City.

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The story is too old to be commented.