A Survivor’s Take on Tomb Raider and the Controversy That Will Not Die

With the game's release approaching, Tomb Raider seems to still have controversy surrounding the franchise reboot as many decide whether to purchase the game or not. Theoracraft puts her own view to pen and paper, and shares the perspective of being a rape survivor and how the game's promotional material is viewed.

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Old McGroin1754d ago

The "controversy" did die, it's stupid articles like this that drag it back up again for hits. Down voting this site.

newbcastgaming1754d ago

Easy to say when you did't even read the article. This contributor supports the game, just not the PR team. Next time you try trolling, read before commenting, or be prepared for a flame.

Old McGroin1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I did read it. He brings up the "rape" controversy. The same controversy that had long since died away. Doesn't matter if he supports the game or not, he still brings up the controversy which is what my comment above means. There's only one troll here and I'm replying to him, maybe you should actually think before you place your troll fingers on the keyboard.

Jrah1753d ago

The controversy hasn't died in blogs and other media I watch. What's hard is to find a well written discussion of it since so many different venues appear to garner just emotional explosions of comments without much thought. Up voting this site.