GamesBeat: Lego City: Undercover is less violent than Grand Theft Auto but still just as fun

GamesBeat: With no guns or deaths, it can take some time to get used to Lego City: Undercover's non-violent approach on open-world crime games.

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SybaRat1880d ago

Man, those guys have never seen a bunch of kids build huge Lego cities and then instantly Godzilla them.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW1880d ago

Excellent idea for a Lego Game...

CaptainYesterday1880d ago

Might have to check this game out look's pretty fun hopefully they plan on releasing a demo for 3DS so I can see how it is I loved Lego Island as a kid :)

Nevers0ft1880d ago

Yeah, I'm hoping for a Wii U demo (I'm fairly sure there'll be one). I've tried past Lego games and they seemed well written and polished but they just didn't appeal to me at all. Having seen the LCU trailers I enjoyed the humour and they look quite entertaining, but I'm not sure the open-world experience will offer enough of a difference from the previous Lego games to capture my imagination this time around either.

deafdani1880d ago

The 3DS Lego City game is apparently going to be different to the Wii U one. Just FYI.

ZeekQuattro1879d ago

The 3DS version is supposed to be a prequel with your character as a rookie.

Sadie21001880d ago

I'm SO sick of Lego games -- they're almost all exactly the same in gameplay. This one sounds intriguing, though. I have hopes they can finally change it up a bit.

profgerbik1880d ago

Oddly if I said that I probably would have more disagrees than agrees.

Sigh.. but I agree with you.

deafdani1880d ago

For blocky private parts, I'll stick to my Tomb Raider 1 nude patch, TYVM.

Coach_McGuirk1880d ago

I'll pay attention to these Lego games when they let you build/destroy anything in-game. I've no interest in running around a static environment in a game called Lego.

deafdani1880d ago

That game has actually been out for some years now, it's called Minecraft. :P

Link0791879d ago

It's got more humour than any opem world and its the most interesting game world ive ever seen. GOOD LUCK FINDING A BETTER GAME.

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