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‘Gears of War: Judgment' season pass announced; free with pre-order from Microsoft Store

StickSkills: "Gears of War: Judgment comes out March 16, and in preparation, Microsoft and People Can Fly have announced a season pass for the title."

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Community1669d ago
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Kamikaze81669d ago
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zAlchemist1669d ago

im actually excited for this game to release

FriedGoat1669d ago

I don't know why, let me give you a bit of information a Reddit user gave me.

"A few bullet points that will enrage any oldschool gears lover.
There is a semi auto explosive sniper rifle now.
The DBS has 2 fucking shots per clip.
The ammo is auto pickup.
You have a one weapon and a pistol now, not 3... And you can spawn with a sniper rifle.
You spawn with 2 grenades.
Getting hit by bullets no longer slows you down.
No more active reload.
Wall tagging grenades has been removed.
You can overhand throw grenades with high velocity (read noob spamming them.... Also all grenades stick on impact).
The lancer has been buffed AGAIN with a higher rate of fire.
The boomsheild can be used with any weapon, other than power weapons (so, DBS/lancer/retro/hammy/gnasher e.t.c can be used with it)
The gnasher only spawns with 8 shells (rather than the 16 you get in gears 3)
They removed the boltok and gorgon pistol.
They have removed the locust from multiplayer
and worst of all.... There is no DBNO (downed state) and there are ALWAYS ON CROSSHAIRS!!! You no longer need to shoulder the weapon to get them. Everyone can just hipfire."

it a no buy for me. And I loved gears, 3 was heading a bit too casual for me but this is ridiculous.

zAlchemist1669d ago

is all this true......:(

TekoIie1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Lets go into detail about what you were told...

What is this "explosive" sniper? Basically false info, there isnt one. User is clearly referring to the Markza which is a 3 shot kill or 2 shots to the head kill.

Once again he's being misleady with the DBS. It is basically a gnasher with higher damage, less range and only 2 shots. Spread is EXACTLY the same as the gnasher.

No more stopping power and active bonuses are true, both positives for balanced versus.

The overhand grenade throw works well. Grenades are much weaker than they have ever been in a gears game. This is one of those things which cant be predicted as to whether it'll be good or bad.

Lancer... Buffed? Im sorry I think your being trolled buddy XD. Lancer has gotten an ROF increase... And lost stopping power... And has the damage of a Gears 2 lancer.

The boomshield situation works as a replacement for meatshields. This system looks to make the boomshield good so Im happy about this change since no one uses it in Gears 2 or 3.

Gnasher has always been OP whether the hardcore like to admit it or not. Its usage through Gears 1-3 was 90%, 85% to 70%. It has always been the dominant weapon throughout the series.

They removed boltok and gorgon from multiplayer since the Markza is basically a boltok with a scope and the gorgon... Is never used. Why keep something no one wants? also its still in Campaign so just use it there.

Removing locust was a shame but the community really has overreacted about it. I really dont think I have seen so much complaining over a cosmetic feature.

Loss of DBNO was dissapointing but it will be returning with the dlc for free so its not all bad.

Really we're complaining about the premareitcule? When you play at events you honestly never notice it and weapons fire like they did in Gears 1 and they were easiest to aim back then so it does not make any difference at all.

Seriously if your looking for info go to the EPIC Forums where people are discussing EVERYTHING rather than being misleading.

FriedGoat1668d ago

I think you're clinging at straws to want to believe this game is going to be good. Don't ge me wrong, I would love to, but none of those things however you spin it are positive. I will not be buying, it sounds like utter turd.

iNathan1669d ago

All i see is Surface, Office and Windows.

No Love for Windows Phone or Xbox ?

MagneticDeath1669d ago

Those who buy the season pass get permament double XP way to screw those who dont. Stay classy epic.

MooseWI1669d ago

Season Passes... love them or hate them.

StreetsofRage1669d ago

Pay the cost to be the boss.

MagneticDeath21669d ago

I guess but its kinda shi*** thing to do imo.

matrixman921669d ago

its not like you get anything important for leveling up. You just get skins and other non-game changing items

MagneticDeath21669d ago

Still you climb the leaderboards twice as fast as someone who dosnt want to pay.

TekoIie1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Rank really doesnt mean much in this game.

If the ranking system was like gears 2 where there were tons of achievements tied to it (and insanely hard to rank up) I'd embrace the extra XP option but it really isnt going to matter in Judgment.

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tigertron1669d ago

Looks like I'll be buying the season pass then.

BabyTownFrolics1669d ago

hate to be this way but the title is misleading:


Gears of War: Judgment comes out March 16, and in preparation, Microsoft and People Can Fly have announced a season pass for the title. For 1600 Microsoft Points ($20), you’ll get access to six multiplayer maps, two new modes, nine exclusive unlocks, and permanent double XP. Microsoft says that this will save players 20 percent over purchasing the content separately.

The Microsoft Store has been running a deal during the last couple of months which gives those who preorder 1600 Microsoft Points for free. Therefore, those who purchase the title from the outlet are theoretically getting the season pass for free.

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