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Three Design Faults of the Vita that Sony Refuse to Recognise.

The Vita is not without it’s problems or design faults. While there are few documented cases so far, it does have some issues. (PS Vita, Sony, Tech)

faysal  +   635d ago
sounds like you hade a faulty ps vita.. i had mine dropped, left to charge over night and had it on/standby untill it ran out of charge and non of that happened to me. since your ps vita stopped working for no reason you should have just told them it was faulty which they have to give you a replacement at least here in the uk. maybe in usa they do things diffrently.
bakagaijin78  +   635d ago
Agreed. I've dropped my vita more than once with no breakages. I leave it on or in sleep all the time (I only turn it off to switch out memory cards) and have left it plugged in to charge for days on end. No burnouts, cracked screens, etc.
xursz  +   635d ago
Yeah i've dropped mine down a flight of concrete stairs and its gotten no more than some tiny dents on the outer rim and a few scuffs.

The only design flaw I've come across is how the screen reacts with moisture. It's a result of the capacitive touchscreen, not a flaw with the system because my ipod has the same issue but I always have to restart the psvita when the screen encounters moisture, because it gets all wonky and there's no way of fixing it without exiting my game and restarting the system. If there was a way to "Reset touch" in the quick options menu I'd be happy.

I'm surprised I don't see other vita users mention this because its my only annoyance with the system.
Blastoise  +   635d ago
"sounds like you hade a faulty ps vita.. i had mine dropped"

"I've dropped my vita more than once with no breakages"

"Yeah i've dropped mine down a flight of concrete stairs"

You guys do know you're supposed to play video games on the Vita? Not juggle them?
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murdock55  +   635d ago
ps vita is very strong device, have you seen ps vita drop test on youtube?
Mounce  +   635d ago
Shhhhh....SONY REFUSES.....TO RECOGNIZE. . . .Don't argue with the article-maker. He knows Sony is hiding from his words of truth.
G20WLY  +   634d ago
Be fair guys, the writer of this article is right… It’s like when I drove my Ferrari into a wall – the damn thing broke! Man dem Ferraris are badly made…/s
user3915800  +   635d ago
You know what, every console in the history of sony has had a fault and I meant all of them. Sony has the worst customers service and alway denie to have faulty hardware its what they do best. People protecting a company as if someone its stealing your pride over an organization who dont care 2 cents for you or your problems.

Here its news for you which happens to be fact.

PS1 faulty laser and rotating plastic shocks, ps2 disk read errors/ blue screen/os and laser wearing, PS3 YLOD overheating/BC chips faulty/ blu ray and internet security hacking which took a hit from congress itself, PSP dead pixels and batterie problem, sony vaio cutting on fires due to batteries exploding inside of them, Vita exploding due to batteries and screen cracking and analog sticks, sony walkman cover breaking off, sony bravia has to be reset for 30 second and reconfigure during outtage. The list goes on.

Sony its one of the most un-reliable on the planet and Im not trolling, Im simply stating the truth.

Lol 6 disagrees already and will continue to climb, just go do a researched on what I said and see if anything I said its a lie. Trolls will always amase me, but what can one expect here lol...
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TheGrimOfDeath  +   635d ago
Strange, none of that ever happened to me. I have heard that the YLOD is only affecting less than 5% of PS3 players. Less than the Xbox ROD. Also I still have my PS1 and PS2.
kayoss  +   635d ago
Name me one device with moving parts that dont have issue. I'm a process engineer and I know that devices with moving parts in them will likely have more issue than devices with no moving parts (I rarely see any devices with that dont have moving parts). Lasers will go out, disc drive will die, pixel will die. If it happens to LCD tvs why cant it happen to hand held games or consoles? Keep in mind that consoles and handheld consoles are made up of hundreds if not thousands of parts put together to make them work. When you produce mass quantity for the public, there are bounds to be a few bad ones. Just look at Nature, even in nature you see imperfection. Humans with known born disease due to DNA not matching, plants that bear rotten fruits... what make you think that assembly line to make stuff like this cant make mistakes.
Sony has one of the lowest defective product out there. Their customer service is opinion and depends on who you get as your rep. I have had helpful ones and a couple who are douches, but an individual is not reflective of the entire company as whole.
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user3915800  +   635d ago
Do a research on sony products and If you cant figure it out go to the weblink provided and see which one of this you might fall in.

VitaOwner  +   635d ago
Ok, a lot of the issues you stated are not a lie but they affect only a very small minority of consoles and people. Guess what, no company is perfect and some of their consoles will have a flaw. You are trying to make it seem like every console ever sold by Sony has all of the issues you mentioned and if someone disagrees with you they are just Sony loving trolls. I still own my ps1 and 2 and they still work. You failed to mention probably the greatest console design fail which comes from Microsoft and the Red Ring of Death which has affected far more people than anything you have mentioned. And I own a 360 and got RROD on 2 different systems before I got one that is working properly.
HiddenMission  +   635d ago
I've bought 2 of each Sony console and I have never had even one problem.

I like to think that this comes down to owners who treat their electronics like shit. My day one PS3 fatty has had hundreds of games and thousands of gaming hours put into it and guess what still runs.

My Vita is played all the time by myself and my 3 kids and guess what still not problems and my kids range from 6 to 13...so yeah

People who hate on Sony for hardware are trolling...hard
rainslacker  +   635d ago
You know what, every console in the history of GAMING has had a fault, and I mean all of them.

Fixed that for you.

Any consumer electronic device that runs off of integrated circuits or capacitors is going to have faults from time to time. Any mechanical device is also going to have faults. Some are more pronounced than others, sure, but that doesn't necessarily make them faulty.

Manufacturing defect =/= faulty design. The original PS1 did have a faulty design in their lasers, and that was remedied on their 2nd revision of the hardware.

Also Sony is far from the worst. Their products overall fall well withing industry defect standards. Quite honestly I could use up all my bubbles listing the reported faults of all the devices made by any company, so just because you did some "research" doesn't meant your trolling isn't trolling.

On that note, I have owned many many Sony products over the past 30 years. The only one I had trouble with was the PS2 which started to read discs slowly with lots of searching. I had the technical knowledge to tweak the laser, so it cost me nothing to fix. I haven't owned a single MS hardware product that didn't break in a year, and that's the main reason I stayed far away from Xbox until they became irrelevant to me.

The issues he listed do happen. They are just made out to be bigger than they are. The internet had that effect on consumer electronics. People tend to share their bad experiences, which is natural. That just gets blown out of proportion. Even RROD went from 33%(speculated), and now many people are saying it's upwards of 60%(unfounded).

@ATi Below
That's not really a design failure or flaw. That was a design choice because Sony was selling a game machine, not a cell phone. Quite personally I would not want to use the Vita as a phone, nor would I want to pay the extra costs to have the Cell transceivers put into the device.
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antiriad  +   635d ago
seems you are still suffering from your 12th rrod and need someone to blame.
Sadly you know nothing as you never owned the consoles.
The ps1 had a cooling problem,has not affected half as many people as the rrod but it was.
the ps2 worked extremly well for a new product and your "reading errors"?
Don"t be a dipshit-all systems have some reading errors.
PS3-10-15% ylods,360 50% rrods.
10% is a lot but pretty normal for a technical product with 2 new standards:Cell ship and Blu ray

By producing millions of units you will always find some failures and you are even talking about problems that occured by less than 0.01%.

I think MS should search more intelligent guys like you to troll around,because there is no such product on this planet that has worked that bad like MS Windows and the 360.
ATi_Elite  +   635d ago
The one Design FAILURE that Sony refuses to address is that the Vita doesn't have a Cell Phone feature and that my friend is why it's Sales Figures SUCK!!!!
Kur0  +   635d ago
It has Skype, which is better than paying for an over-priced cell phone contract.
Seraphemz  +   635d ago
Why the hell would I want cell phone feature on my Vita????
Kingthrash360  +   635d ago
What kind of a design failure is that? "Cell phone feature".... thats like saying a cell phone needs thumb sticks or a laptop needs to fit in my back pocket or a car should have turbo boost so I could jump over traffic. The vita is not a cell phone its a gaming system....smh
ANIALATOR136  +   635d ago
I sometimes place my vita on a hard sufface which causes the memory card reader to crack up and says please insert it again and i have to do a restore. Really annoying how sensitive it can be
DarkHeroZX  +   634d ago
I had my first vita for over a year and was in perfect condition and I abused the hell out of mine. It's durable as shit. I even got so mad that I threw it and the most that happened to it was a few messed up pixels. Thank god for accidental warranties though. I've learned through experience with Apple products ,however, is that when buying new technology always buy from a retailer like BestBuy or RadioShack who offer extended accidental warranties. But now with a year of experience under my belt I've learned the proper way to handle the vita and I now feel like I'm ready to import that Soul sacrifice edition vita even though it won't have a warranty straight out of the box due to leaving Japan.
strigoi814  +   635d ago
Stupid issues..thats so fake bro
GribbleGrunger  +   635d ago
23 people out of 4.3 million have complained about charger burning! That's a HUGE percentage and definitely an indication of a design flaw. This is outrageous. Can't a hacker just enjoy the games and not worry about what he does to his system effecting how it works.
rainslacker  +   635d ago
I loved how this whole article was prefaced with the many different custom mods available for the Vita. I think as soon as you change the firmware to something custom that the manufacturer doesn't want on the system you pretty much lose your right to complain.

This is the first time I have ever heard of any of these problems. One would think that if they were widespread we would have plenty of doom articles about it by now.

I kind of believe these reports are leaving out a critical piece of information on why they happened, although I can think of reasonable theories on why the screen may have broken, most of it due to OLED(or touchscreen tech) in general. Custom firmware could definitely effect the charge overheating of the system, since it's integrated with the software. Hell even a power surge can cause this, and I'm sure most people aren't plugging it into a surge protector to charge. I know, having worked in many customer service type jobs, that most people never give the whole story, and it's NEVER their fault.
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GribbleGrunger  +   635d ago
Yes, exactly. Seems to me that the 'tampering' is to blame here and not the hardware. But even if it wasn't, like you say, we would have heard about this continuously over the last year. My friend started on this road on his PSP, refusing to download official firmwares and waiting for unofficial ones. Not only did he miss out on lots of additional features, but eventually that wait for unofficial firmwares got so long that he never touched it again.
DA_SHREDDER  +   635d ago
no mention of clickable analog sticks? Man everyone is in denial
TongkatAli  +   634d ago
Ummmm, ok ? Its still better then a 3DS.
OmniSlashPT  +   635d ago
Tbh the biggest design faults are the missing L2 and R2, how are you supposed to cross-play console games without it? I understand no clickable analog sticks, but missing buttons is too much. Also I think it could be a little bit more comfortable to handle, it's bulky, but not in a good way.
bakagaijin78  +   635d ago
I thought this would be an article about those very issues, not about faulty hardware based on experiences of only a few.

I agree with your points (no L2/R2 buttons and a design that is not very comfortable to hold for long periods of time). I wouldn't mind clickable analog sticks either. :)
SolidDuck  +   635d ago
I think they will use the back touch for L2 R2. I just want video out like the psp had.
ElementX  +   635d ago
I bought a used Vita and I really enjoy it. Picked it up for $200 on craigslist with PE4, Ninja Gaiden, Lumines, and Gravity Rush. It also came with a case and screen protector.

I bought LBP, Oddworld, Hot Shot Golf, and MGS 2/3 HD.

Yesterday I got the PS Plus and got Uncharted, Wipeout, and some other game free.

I admit I didn't like the idea of the Vita when it came out because I had bought a PSP and never used it. Same thing with the 3DS and DS. My life has changed around a bit so I'm able to play mobile games more often.
rainslacker  +   635d ago
That's a pretty good deal. Sony is selling some games for $9.99 right now on their store you may want to check out.

ElementX  +   635d ago
Thanks for the heads up
sdozzo  +   635d ago
Design fault makes me think of poor sticks or triggers... These are random cases of shenanigans.
Hicken  +   635d ago
Geez, another article that's reaching. Tiny percentages of people- like 0.000024%- experience something, and it's a design flaw?

Like others, I've accidentally dropped my Vita: no cracks.

ONCE, I've let it sit on the charger for two days, the longest I've gone without playing it: nothing melted or caught fire.

Sorry, but none of these things are significant enough to be called a design flaw. Not that I was expecting much, but this is even less of an article than I anticipated.
cyclindk  +   635d ago
Dog ate mine... dog died, Vita still works.

saphiron  +   635d ago
Mine is on all the time in suspend mode. Im not worried, it's ice cold.

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