Announcing PlayStation 4 Specs This Early Places Sony in the Driver Seat for Next Gen

Joel Taveras writes, "Last week Sony officially kicked off the next generation of consoles by announcing its plans for the PlayStation 4. And as I sat inside the Hammerstein and listened as Andrew House opened up the press event and serenaded his audience with buzz words about the next generation of PlayStation, I couldn’t help but to think that it was more of the same press conference banter that we’ve all become accustomed with. But when lead system architect Mark Cerny took to the stage and gave us all something more substantial, in terms of specs, I was all ears. Once the words “supercharged PC” left his lips, I was sold."

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Just_The_Truth1881d ago

I surprised about the lack of talk about the new eyetoy. I could careless but seeing how Sony combined the move, wii and kinect in one is fantastic. People were saying MS owned the patent etc. same with cross chat. The Ps4 is going to but the ps3 to shame. Sony learned a lot and created a beast.

Ryo-Hazuki1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Cross-chat/party chat is already on the Vita. It's pretty much expected that it will be on the PS4. Yes, the PS4 will be great.

solid_warlord1881d ago

If PS4 has cross game Party Chat, free online play.

They have those features and FREE, Sony will win next gen.

Dlacy13g1881d ago

Announcing their specs first puts them in the driver seat? Hmm... I would think them actually launching first would put them in the driver seat.

PS3 announced the same year the Xbox 360 did, but the 360 launched that year and the PS3 took a full year to launch.

Sony says they are launching this holiday 2013 but we don't know if its world it just N. America...Japan...Europe? Price? And lets be honest...we don't know what the next Xbox has planned. We have over a yr old leaked specs for MS, Sony's leaked specs (which were supposedly more current than a year old) this past month said 4GB of GDDR5 and we know that turned out to not be the case and instead we saw 8GB of RAM.

Too little is still known for there to be a company in the driver seat.

zebramocha1881d ago

Other reports leading up to Sony's ps4 announcement indicated that Sony wanted to match Ms with the same amount of ram.

doublejj1881d ago

personally i don't think that Sony should have disclosed the specs about what the PS4 is capable of they should've waited to at least they heard what SHITcrisoft is going to disclose first but they did other things right like showing us the power and showing us the controller that was pretty much leaked before the event and they did show up what they are aiming for in the future of Sony as a product and whats in store for gamers of the Sony Nation. congratulations Sony for taking the lead and i cant wait till E3.

WorldGamer1881d ago

I think this needs to play out. Last generation it is my opinion that many people purchased the 360 because it was the first system out. It demonstrated all the new bells and whistles that many couldn't wait to experience in their own home.

It became a tough act to follow for Sony after giving MS that head start, then releasing a system that was more expensive.

I have been well served by Sony and was able to wait until the release of the PS3, but many people just couldn't do that. We might very well see a role reversal this upcoming console generation, especially if the new Killzone is indicative of what we can expect upon the PS4's release.

Chances are MS has the next XBOX all finalized. I doubt that they will have a lot of time to change things in it just because Sony has announced the PS4 specifications. Some of you who work with hardware can confirm, but it seems a safe bet to say that if components are changed, they have to be tested to ensure we don't end up with heat dissipation problems or other internal hardware conflicts. Unless they have a significant delay, I don't see MS really changing much at this time.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

IcicleTrepan1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Something to note is the idea that people believe Sony/Microsoft have no idea what the other one is doing until they do the big reveal to the public. I seriously doubt this is the case. I'm sure they are both well aware of what gear each other has and have known for some time.

downvote really.. have you never heard of corporate espionage?

WorldGamer1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

I would agree with you man, I do believe they are aware of the general direction each is going at minimum.

I would also add that there are probably limited options when it comes to affordable solutions for the components in these machines, which would suggest why they both use some of the same chip manufacturers.

At some point, it would seem to all come down to timing, promotion, software and price. But I could be wrong.

Exciting times ahead, I love this stuff. Speculation, anticipation, never gets old to me. lol.

And don't worry about the disagrees bro, people like you and I need to elevate the conversation on this site, others are just here to cause detract. Good comment sir.

Godmars2901881d ago

Just remember: USB port in the *back* for that Kinect clone. And Don't make it required.

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