DUST 514’s corporate gambling, and crippling pressure of leadership, makes war a social experience


'When I jumped into the DUST 514 beta for the first time, I did so as a lone wolf; a solitary merc, making my way through the galaxy without a care for who I fought for or against. I played for hours, but even so, barely scratched the surface. Most importantly, I couldn’t tell you what it was like to take part in one of DUST‘s most important features: The corporation.'

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Virtual_Reality1913d ago

Hopefully this games comes out before Planetside 2 comes to the PS4.

Trenta271913d ago

It basically is out. Open beta!

RavageX1913d ago

I personally find the game boring and a potential money sink, though I can see how it might be a fun game for some...just not me.

I don't like FPS anyway. I think its cool that the game is linked with the EVE MMO(which I also found boring) but that's about it. The game looks pretty generic otherwise.